Thursday, 19 October 2017

Paint with me!

I recently rediscovered my love for watercolour painting again so I decided to get out my pencil and started sketching and painting what I saw out of my window and a plus point I manage to film it in a chill cool vibe. I might make this to a series, with much dedication, motivation and support! I'm still a bit rusty but I feel a joy inside myself that I am able to create something so cute and pretty in my little velvet sketchbook that often gets neglected. There is something oh so calm about spreading water and paint to create something visual. I hope to motivate myself to create more in the future. I tend to have a really bad habit of neglecting things even if I may have enjoyed doing it.

Painting again has helped me stay calm and add a different mix to the usual email sending days. No one really tells you the effects of after graduation, the scary interviews involved in process of a job, the fun but daunting internships you'll be faced before heading somewhere with a salary. Of course, everyone's experiences are different. Maybe I might blog my experience in the future!

I'm not very good at recording and editing but I hope you enjoyed this fun little video + post! Let me know if you have any other things that you would like to watch me paint, any comment would be highly appreciated!! Until next time.