Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ice flower blue lens [klenspop]

Hello there! I was contacted by Klenspop again so I'm back for another circle lens review! Opinions are based on my own experience therefore, your experience with these lenses may differ. Klenspop is a Korean based online shop that sells a variety range of contact lenses, cosmetics and accessories. I have here the Ice Flower Blue lens. You can purchase this lens from Klenspop for $13.00 

Lens Info
DIA: 14.0mm
Graphic DIA: 13.4mm
BC: 8.6mm
Using Period: 6month
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: T.TOP CONTACT
Origin: KOREA
Package: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
Price: $13

They are surprisingly comfortable for me when I first put them on. I don't feel the lenses when I put them on at all. They only last about 4 hours till they go dry. I make sure I don't wear any of these coloured lenses more than 4 hours as recommended. 

These lenses are very different to what I usually wear. My very first dark blue lenses! They enlarge my eyes so much compared to previous lenses because of the black ring. The blues blend in well with my natural dark eyes. You can hardly tell you have blue lenses on until the sun shines on your face. 

Overall, I really like these lenses, pretty design and comfortable wear for a good amount of hours. They are a bit overwhelming as daily lenses. I reckon I would most likely wear them for parties or night outs. I highly recommend check them out and giving them a go! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Film photographs #1

I wanted to take a break from beauty posts and post something more personal and something more of my creative side. I wanted to show my film photographs I took last summer. Film photographs have always been something precious to me. Film can be only shot once and you can only find out how they actually look like after they have been developed. I've always wanted to share them and here they are! 

I hope you enjoy looking at them! ^__^

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★