Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bunny Colour Brown Lens [klenspop]

Hello there! Today's my first sponsored circle lens review from Klenspop! Klenspop is a Korean based online shop that sells a variety range of contact lenses, cosmetics and accessories. They kindly contacted me and sponsored me a pair of circle lenses. I have here the Bunny Colour Brown lens. You can purchase this lens from Klenspop at the discounted price of $15.00 (Original Price: $20)

Lenses are packed safely in bubble wrap. 

The package contains helpful instructions and care on how to use the lenses, lens case, tweezers and the lens vials.

The dates are not expiry dates, they are dates of when they are produced in the factory. I was first caution but I did my research for it before I opened them and use them. They are 100% safe and made from Korea. 

I have mine in different power, as you can tell I have really bad eye sight. 

Lens Info
Diameter: 14mm 
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Life Span: 1 year disposal 
Country of origin: South Korea 
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
Price: $15

Make sure you soak your lenses in contact lenses solution before wearing them! I normally soak them for 2 days before wearing them.

They are super comfortable! As long as you put them the right way up you're good with them. I've learnt the trick is that the design should show up lighter and the lens should have a curve to it. They lasts about good 6 hours until my eyes are tired from wearing them. (My eyes are not used to yearly lenses as I have always used disposable lenses) I have astigmatism on my right eye while they are still comfortable on me which is a big plus on me! They stay on my eye and don't move around. 

I really love the natural design! It has a black pixelated rim with brown gradients as the main lens design. The lenses blends well with my natural eye colour. It gives my eyes a pop of colour and some how adds a shine to it which I really like. 

Overall I really like them. They are 14mm which are not too large so that my eyes can breathe and they are also 1 year disposable so I can wear them for ages! These lenses are so natural, very versatile and comfortable to wear for a good amount of hours. I highly recommend check them out and giving them a go! 

Thank you so much for reading my very first circle lens review! I hope you enjoyed reading it! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. I really love these lenses too~ they are my daily lenses :D

  2. Lookin cute hun!

    I'd love to try out some lenses!

    Lauren <3 xx | laurlauu

  3. They look so cute! But I don't think they'd look natural on my own eyes at all because I have such dark eyes c: But I think they look really great on you!

  4. Ohhh good! I can tell why ^^ They are super comfy and natural :D

  5. Awh, Thank youu cutie!

    You should definately try some ^-^ as long as you take care of them. xx

  6. Hehe, thank youu! I have dark eyes too but the lenses still showed up pretty well. :3

  7. Feycelia Ellysha10 July 2015 at 13:25

    you kinda look like fx luna here just a little bit :D I also have very bad eyesight HAHA everything is so blur when I took my glasses off


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