Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Magic LX Aqua blue review

Hey hey! Here's my very first circle lenses review! I bought these lenses back when I visited Malaysia a year ago and I finally came round to reviewing them! I usually wear my one day acuvue moist lenses because they are so much comfier (I bought them from my local optician) hence why I neglect these cute coloured lenses. These lenses are called the Magic LX Aqua blue, you can google it and purchase online if you're interested. 

Photos with the lenses on.

These are monthly lenses so you can wear them for a couple of weeks in good use. Always soak your lenses for a good 48 hours. I usually leave them in the contact solution for a good two days before starting wearing them.

Pros: I love the colour I get from them. They are a mix of blue, green, yellow which is such a pretty pretty colour. They are not too big for lenses, I prefer lenses that I can wear for a natural look because I'm usually really lazy with my makeup. They don't make you look like an alien, because they are not a bammm! in your face blue/green colour so you don't have to worry about it. 

Cons: They get uncomfortable after 4+ hours. Occasionally, they move around my eyeball which tends to get annoying. They are great for short term wear such as going shopping, partying or just taking selfies for blog photos. My eyes get super tired if I wear them for long hours, when I'm out, I usually use a couple of eye drops to fix it. 

I have a love hate relationship towards these lenses. I really love these lenses! They make my eyes go all sparkly! But I don't like how they get uncomfortable when I wear them for long hours. Overall, I only can give it 4 stars. 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Monday, 25 May 2015

Refillable Perfume Bottle [Bornprettystore]

[ SPONSORED ] Born pretty store

Sorry for being in haitus for awhile now! I have been really busy with university lately, handing in my final unit for my very first year of university. It's been such an amazing experience at university. If anyone wants me to blog about it? Leave a comment below. Now let's get on with this long overdue review! 

Product Information:
Price: USD$2.99 
100% new retail 
Material: Aluminum 
Capacity: 5ml 
Diameter: 1.45cm 
Height: 10.4cm 
Color: 7 colors available

Pros: I love the colour that I've picked! They come in 7 different variety of colour which you can pick from black, purple, red, silver, golden, blue and pink. It's small and portable and easy to be placed in your handbag. The top screws on easily ensuring perfume don't leak. It's tall and slim so you can get quite a lot of product in one go. You also get a slot to see how much perfume you have left which I love. 

Cons: None! I'm pretty satisfied with my new refillable perfume bottle! 


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Sunday, 3 May 2015

MAXSTAR Shoes review

Hello! I haven't been blogging in ages apart from doing a few sponsored posts. I've just been too too busy with university work, social life, trying to juggle my life around and deadlines are creeping in but I've made use of the bank holiday to do some extra personal stuff which is why I'm here! 

Today, I wanted to blog about my experience recently with Maxstar. My boyfriend kindly gave me some money to buy these pair of shoes for my birthday ;__; He's too cute. I am in no way sponsored by them to do this review but I just wanted to put my opinions out there. These are the legit shoes I bought originally from their website. (I know there have been a few fake maxstar shoes floating around amazon/ebay, so be aware!)
The shoes are packaged in a very lovely manner. It's safely packed in a brown box which fits snuggly. It also has a little bag to store your shoes which I found pretty handy. 

A few close up photos.

The shoes themselves.
I rarely take OOTD photos so bare with me. I'm not very good with outfit posts.

What I think of the shoes: I really really love these pair of shoes! I adore the colour and style. I've been dreaming of getting these pair of shoes! The platform is lightweight and you don't feel as if you're clogging around weights on your shoes. Due to their height, it does get some time to get used to it but it's only cause I rarely wear heeled like shoes. Cutest pair of shoes I own! ^^

Side story: Ordering these pair of shoes has been the most difficult thing I did, as in online shopping wise. It started off really positive. I paid £34.92 in total for the shoes and shipping, I also used a 10% discount code from bloggers I found online. Confirmation and shipping was really quick, they also include tracked shipping! I could see where my pair of shoes were. The shoes arrive about 4-5 days I think I can't clearly remember but it was pretty quick hence I payed quite a lot of the shipping. With joy, I quickly opened the package but I was really disappointed to find out they were the wrong pair of shoes! They were totally different style. I contacted their customer service, they replied nicely, after a few questions from me. I had to ship the shoes back with my own money in order to get the correct shoes shipped back to me. I had to pay £17.20 extra just to post the wrong pair of shoes back. I was so annoyed at one point but I started to calmed myself down and just pay the extra. They shipped the correct shoes back to me quickly so therefore, I am now a happy person again. 

I still don't understand how in the world, out of so many orders, my order had to be the wrong one. I just considered myself as having the worst luck during that day. I haven't heard of any other person in the internet that had gotten their order wrong, I'm guessing it's a really really rare thing that happens in their company. Personally, I don't think I'd be ordering from them any time soon. I don't think risking spending £50 on a pair of shoes would be worth it... So anyway, lesson learnt, purchase at own risk! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my short story. I am in no way bashing the company because I know many bloggers have great experience with them. As I said, maybe it was my luck. Thank you so much for reading! ❤ 

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★