Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What's in my Carry On Suitcase. (BARCELONA)

Last week, I went on a 5 day trip to Barcelona, Spain. I left on Monday afternoon while I got back on Friday night. Before I put all my clothes away, I decided to do a blog post on how I packed my suitcase. It was kinda stressful packing because I didn't really know what to bring and I was mainly worried about the weather, if it was too cold or too warm but I'm glad I packed just enough and the trip went well as well! The temperature was about 16-20 degree so it was warm and chilly as well. I just wore a t-shirt and hoodie with jeans or leggings during most afternoons while I put on my coat during the night. So therefore, I'd like to share how and what I packed for my holiday trip to Spain.

A crop top and 3 t-shirts. 

A long sleeved black t-shirt and a cream jumper.

A thermal white sleeveless top and a black cami top. 

A black cardigan.

A pair of black leggings and 3 pair of black socks.

My comfy navy blue lace flats. 

A set of pajamas. 

A nude and black bra and undies according to how many days I am staying. 

A handkerchief, baby powder, sanitary pads, and an umbrella. 

Cottonbuds and pads, pantyliner, charger, comb, plug adapter, medicine. 

I stored my brushes separate to keep it away from my clean items. 

Makeup I brought, brush, sharpener, hair clip.

Liquids I brought; 
*liquid eyeliner doesn't consider as a liquid item but I just placed it in the same bag* 

Liquids I brought to my trip.

The samples that I brought for my trip. 

Since it was a university trip, I had to bring my tools with me, which consists of my pencil case, paper, sketchbook and a couple of extra memory card for my trip. I store my notebook and paper on the zipper of my suitcase ensuring it doesn't creases.

Here is how it looks like when I've packed everything in! It fits snuggly with room to spare. I rolled up my clothes ensuring space is used up wisely. I then put my other miscellaneous stuff on top of my clothes. Always remember to leave a bit of space in your suitcase so that you can bring back presents and souvenirs home! 

For the flight, I wore a cami top, layered on with a distressed shirt from Primark with my blue skinnies from ONLY. I also wore a pair of cozy socks I recently purchased from Primark! 

Items are layered on are a Newlook hoodie, Bellfield shirt and my parka from Topshop. 

Accessories that I wore during the day of flight. Beanie and necklace are from H&M. Scarf is from GAP. 

I hope you enjoyed looking into my suitcase and hopefully, it'll give you a gist to what to pack to your trip as well! I've used a couple of other websites to help me and here are some;
❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Packing always seems to stress me out especially since I literally wait till the day before leaving to do it!

  2. Wow this is such a handy post :D i never know what to pack and then i have moments of craziness haha!

  3. Awhh glad I was helpful! ^__^ Hahah, me too! I was panicking during the last few days of packing. I wanted to document it just so I'd remember what to pack next time. hehe.

  4. Me too! I found that a few websites and making lists helped me a lot. I actually overpacked by a few tops so yeah, I had more than enough. ^^


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