Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul!

Are you excited for this post? Cause I am! I have been wanting to try lush for a long time but I just can't bring myself paying for actual price so I decided to order a few bits during their boxing day sale! I'm a uni student, I bargain.

Yes, the website was a pain to get on but at the end of the day it's worth it. I saw so many disappointed people on facebook which kinda sad. I ordered mine during the evening without major problems. I do have a few crashes a few times but I did get through the website, place my order, waited around 3-4 days and my package arrived! I might consider doing it next year again cause I think I'm getting addicted to the smell.

Star of Wonder Gift box - £11.04 
I love the Star of Wonder gift box. It has reasonable amount of products and the box is very sturdy despite it's odd shape. I reuse this box as my bath bomb box and it works very well! It also kinda sets a limit on how many bath bombs I can buy. Below are the products in the box. 

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
The classic! I used this already and to be honest, I do not like the smell. It kinda reminds me of Calpol/Strawberry antibiotics that I used to take when I was little. Some people hype about it but I guess it depends on your preference. I can tell you it smells like cotton candy.

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar
This is a very very tiny product. By the way, for those who don't know how to use this product, you're suppose to use this after you dried yourself after a shower/bath and just apply how you would as a lotion. I made a mistake by assuming it as a shower bar. It made me feel all sticky and I appear to have glitter all over my body! haha, lesson learnt :) 

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

The Sparkler Ballistic
I am kinda disappointed that my sparkler broke but apparently this happens quite often. I already used this and I have to be honest, I love it! I love the lightly scented citrus smell. It relaxes me during my bath and it leaves my skin feeling soft. Inside consist of glitter however it will not stick to your skin so don't worry. It's one of the things I love about it, it looks so pretty in my bath! 

Apart from the Star of Wonder gift box, I also purchase a few extra products. 
Santa's Lip Scrub- £2.29
I don't really like the flavour of popcorn or bubble gum on my lips so I opted for the christmas special, cola flavoured lip scrub instead. I have to say, I love it! I still can't get myself to lick it off and eat it but it is so much better using this before putting on a lipstick. It really does prevents cracks appearing when I am applying my lipstick. 

Sakura Bath Bomb- £1.39 

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar - £2.18 

Drummers Drumming Reusable Bubble Bar - £2.18
I love the idea of the bubble bar so I bought both versions to have a try! 

I had to pay £3.29 shipping and £4.49 VAT as well which I am not too bothered about. Overall I am pretty happy with my first lush purchase! I guess I can get what all the lush hype is all about! Their scents are just so heavenly! And that is it for my small haul. I hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry I haven't been active lately due to uni work but thank you for stopping by! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. I see so many bloggers buying Lush products! I still don't know what the hype is about though but it must be good right? I just don't want to use my bath and I feel like the main thing that get hyped are their bath bombs xD Hope you do a review on the bubble bars :) this is actually the first time I've heard of them

  2. Oooh I'm so jealous of all these goodies! I adore Lush and will undoubtedly go a bit crazy with the Lush products next year when I'm moved out of halls of residence and finally have a bath again!

    Elesaurus |
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose<

  3. Hehe thank you! They are so worth the purchase because their bath bombs are rather huge compared to bomb cosmetics. But I reckon it depends what you prefer ^^ Awhhh. Definitely go for it!

  4. It is very good! Their scents are very relaxing (depending on which you buy) But they smell so good I cannot really describe it to you. Haha. Awhh, true, but they also have other great products! like the lip scrub which is pretty good. :3 Ohhh really? I will try to make a review if I get to it ^__^ <3

  5. oooo might buy the sakura bath bomb myself! review how good the products are maybeh? ;)
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG <3 hehe

  6. You should ! It smells so good you won't regret it :D Haha, I might when I get to use them. Thank you! ^__^ <3

  7. Hi Krystal! loove the stuff you bought. wished we had lush where i come from :( i was wondering.. were you in the UK when you ordered them? because you said it took 3-4 days to arrive and that's kinda fast :o

  8. These all sound like they smell lovely! I haven't tried Lush yet but would really like to; hopefully, I can manage to snag some products when they're on sale like you did. Their items are a bit pricey. :/ Thanks for sharing! You're making my urge to try out Lush grow stronger haha.

    Ellie | wunderstar

  9. Heeey! Thank you! ^__^ Awww, if you ever visit the UK or USA you can get some to try it out :D Yes I was, all products were made and ship from the UK so it's pretty fast.

  10. Hehe. They really do! I have to agree about the price but you should definitely give it a try once in your life ^^ I'm sure you'll be able to get some during their sale with a bit of patience, the website is really bad but I'm sure you'll be able to place a order for it ^^ You're very welcome! Thank you for reading! <3

  11. I absolutely love Lush and what they stand for,
    i'm kinda obsessed with lush ahaha
    i love it when theres a sale, great deal!
    Now going to follow your blog, hope we can be friends ^^
    I just started a new blog, i really hope you stop by!

  12. Same here! Awhhh, everyone loves abit of a bargain :D
    Sure! Will check out your blog! Thank you for reading and visiting! <3


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