Monday, 29 December 2014

Bodyshop black friday haul

Black friday has long gone and past but still Body shop offered a really good bundle offer and I just had to share it! Products priced at £76.50 only worth £30! I payed £29.84 because I had a Body shop advantage card. I ordered my bundle online, there were no problems with shipping what so ever! ^__^ There were so many shops on offer but I had to resist cause I kinda need to stop spending money from now on. Anyway! Let's get on with the haul! 

SHEA BODY BUTTER Was £13.00 Now £5.07

SATSUMA SHOWER GEL Was £4.00 Now £1.56 


HEMP HAND PROTECTOR Was £11.00 Now £4.29

WHITE MUSK® EAU DE TOILETTE Was £11.00 Now £4.29

SUPER VOLUME MASCARA Was £10.00 Now £3.90 

VITAMIN E NIGHT CREAM Was £12.00 Now £4.68


Shame I couldn't change the different smell I wanted but the choice of smells were decent and some of them smelt really good! I wasn't too keen on satsuma but it was a shower gel so I can use up quickly so that's no biggie! ^__^ I am really happy with this bundle overall. I already used the white musk and I love it! It's not very strong which is perfect for me because I have sensitive nose. I hope you all have a great day!

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Ohh how does the White Musk Eau de Toilette smell? ^ u ^

  2. You must really love the Body Shop, I swear you only just did a haul not that long ago xD

  3. Hahha, yeah, I prefer body shop than lush. :x I bought them quite near to each other but only it's just cause their sales are too addictive xD Thanks for checking out tho! ^__^

  4. I quite like it, it's musky (obviously), clean, velvety, with a hint of floral. That's the best I could describe it. xD I'm quite bad when it comes to describing smells. >///<

  5. the body shop really good product! i love body shop too.

    anyway, would you like to follow each other? let me know on my blog, if you dont mind. thank you!

  6. Ah the satsuma body wash smell so pretty! I've seen it at the body shop near me and I've always thought that the wash and perfume smelled so good. But I've never seen their mascara, is it good? You got so many good deals omg

  7. Such a nice haul! I've heard great things about the bodyshop but never had the chance to buy anything from there! Would you mind checking out my blog? I've been a longtime follower of yours!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥ New Post! ♥

  8. Awww, I'm not too keep on the satsuma smell but you should definitely get it if you like it! ^__^ They have frequent sales so it's worth getting it during their sale. They have a whole makeup range, you should definitely check it out! I haven't tried it but it's one of their best sellers. I'll post up a review when I come to using it.

  9. Thank you! I think it's so worth getting stuff during their sales ^__^ Some of their products are abit expensive but it's worth it I think :) Suree! I've visited your blog!


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