Saturday, 29 November 2014

Instagram picks #1

Hello! Recently, I found quite a handful of instagramers that I found inspirational. So I thought I would do this weekly/monthly thing on picking my few inspirational instagram accounts and sharing them with you! I did not get payed to do this nor did the instagramers asked me to do this, I just wanted to share a few accounts that I found inspirational. I hope you enjoy! 

(Screenshots were taken a few months back so images of accounts are back dated) 


I have been rather obsessed looking at chokers and quartz necklace. This instagram account/store have so many unique and beautiful pieces! Ships internationally so not to worry!

And that's it for this week's pick! Thank you for pop-ing by! I will have more posts coming soon (mostly hauls cause I love doing them) when I have decided to stop procrastinating. 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Student Night Haul

During the freshers week at University, there was a student night held at Chapelfield Norwich. The student night consist of exclusive discounts on different variety of shops. So of course, I made a little splurge. I didn't hesitate and bought quite a lot of things even though I'm not suppose to.I sometimes think I have a money spending problem but who doesn't at this age right?

First I went straight to Paperchase and picked up a few lovely bits. Plus, they had their end of summer sale. It's not one to miss if you're a stationary lover! ;) 
Floral butterfly felt notebook - £4.50 
I am super loving plain notebooks lately and this is perfect!

Mini Sticky Notes - £2.10

Barrel Story Pen - £1.05 
Super cute and it was on the sale! How was I resist?

The following are all the stickers I purchase to add to my huge collection. 
Neon City Stickers - £0.85

Cakes Capsule Stickers - £0.75

Yummi Fruit Stickers - £1.00 

Sun and rainbow stickers - £1.00 

Next, I went to my second most loved stationary shop which is Blott. I recently discovered this shop after visiting and staying in Norwich and it's my new favourite now.
Pink cat badge - £0.40

Cat paper clip - £2.20

Ice cream erase - £0.88 

Tiger eraser - £0.60

Tooth pencil top eraser - £0.60 

Erasable Gel Pen - £1.60 

Food and Drink Stickers - £0.80
(These are unfortunately sold out cause when I went back to look for them again they were all gone!)

Animals mini set notebook - £2.20 

Everytime you purchase from Blott, you can get a free bookmark! I had two choices, it was either the moustache (which I already have) or the rabbits. 

Body shop was doing a 30% off on the whole store so I picked up a few items that I haven't tired before. I only actually recently got addicted to body shop recently, it's like a milder smell of lush. If you don't like strong fruity smell, body shop is the place to go.  
White Musk - £4.17 
I use this almost everyday, I rotate use with my DKNY green apple perfume. The smell is musky, as you can tell from the name. It's very fresh and light. I'm super bad at describing smells. 

Japanese Cherry Blossom Voyage Collection - £6.67 
I love this scent! It has a little hint of sweet scent to it but not too strong. I'm assuming it smells like cherry blossoms.

Moringa Hand cream - £2.95 I love the smell of this. It's a light flowery scent. 

Next I went to topshop to see if there's any good stuff. 
Glow in Polished - £8.10 
I went to topshop, thinking it was 20% off but when I reached to the counter, it was only 10% off but I got it anyways. I have used it and I will do a review on it soon when I get round to it. 

Zoella Shower cream - £5.00
I mainly bought this because of the hype but I can't wait to try it out! I adore the packaging so much and I just overall love it! If I like the scent I might get the mist as well when I pop into superdrug again. 

Boots was doing a 15% off in their whole store!
Bleach london DIY dip dye - £6.30
I decided to finally full fill my wish on getting dip dye hair and purchased a kit from boots. I heard a lot of good things about this brand so I can't wait to try it out! 

Gritty in Pinks Colour Kit - £6.30
I also purchased a few colours to go with the kit. These are temporary colours so they wash out and I can have different colours every week or so!

Outside boots, there was a little stall called Lisa angel. It's a Norwich based shop and they sell from accessories, scarves, purses to home ware. 
Silver lock necklace - £8.00
I spent quite a long time there deciding on what to get and finally picked up this beautifully crafted lock neclace. It was on sale as well.

Next, it was H&M. I didn't picked any of their clothing since I have too many clothes so I picked up a few cute accessories. 
6 Pack earrings - £2.00

Necklace - £2.99

Necklace - £3.00

Last but not least I went to OFFICE! I seriously did not notice this until I typed up this post. I literally bought the wrong size. OMG. I just noticed this was a UNISEX size 5 so obviously the shoe doesn't fit me properly, even though when I was in store it felt okay. Obviously not, bearing in mind my size is size 5 women. I don't think I'm gonna bother with the refund cause it has been over 28 days. I'm going to get some thick socks to wear with these babies and probably gonna pad them up so when I wear them it'll be more comfy rather than lose. Or maybe sell them off to someone that has big feet.. 
Converse in Lilac - £25.00 
I think the main reason I bought these were because of it's colour. (I adore lilac) Now then, I have learnt my lesson. Please do READ the sizes cause I didn't and I feel like poo. Oh wells, lessons had to be taught. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at my haul! There will be more coming! Since I just moved into a city and I am being surrounded with shops, it's difficult for me to control my shopaholic self. Haha. 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★