Saturday, 11 October 2014

I haven't been alive lately

I have the reason why. It's because I haven't had the internet for 3 weeks now and it's such a pain to actually update my blog on my phone. I am currently starting my journey in university, trying very hard to cope with everything. From freshers flu, cooking, washing up, lectures, socializing, making the best ability to make as many friends that'll benefit my work as well as a person myself.

I think it's pretty scary to make new friends however, you kind of have to shake it off, and remember that everyone's in the same boat as you. You've just got to say hi first and brave it out. If they don't say hi back then it's okay, I guess they just don't want to make friends, and it's not your fault, it's theirs because they'll be losing out.

Currently, I'm learning so so much from my course. I will update more about soon when I have settled down with the schedule.

Once I get my internet I will be starting to blog more often because I do have photos already editing during my two weeks of free time and I cannot wait to share it out to everyone!

ps/ Do not choose EE as a broadband provider because it takes ages to arrive and set up as a whole. Currently my process is taking up to 15 working days, eventhough I was promised it'd take up to 13. #life.

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Transitioning to a university lifestyle can be hard - wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to your next updates! :)

  2. Hey Krystal!
    How have you been doing? Ahh, university life... will be experiencing that next year... >_<" What course are you currently studying in uni?
    And gosh, I hate it when internet service providers take forever to set up the internet... like how much time and work do you have to do just to set up my internet?!

    Anyways, have a nice day Krystal and good luck for your uni life! :)

  3. Yeahh, that's very true >.< Thank you so much! I hope you are doing well yourself! x

  4. Heyy amabel! Thank you for still visiting my blog!
    I'm doing okay I guess, I just have been a bit busy with life I guess >< It's a really fun experience tho! I love my lectures, LOL. I'm studying Graphic design :3
    I know right! I reckon I'm changing broadband providers already cause the current one still doesn't work :( Same to you, I hope you're doing well, and goodluck to you too! ;)

  5. Haha, I visit your blog whenever I see an update on bloglovin' or my blogger dashboard. :P
    Ohhh, graphic design? That sounds cool, what do you do in that course? :)
    Haha, saw your instagram that you got your internet broadband on track now! ^^
    And thank you! Having my major exams next week! Fingers crossed that I do well! :x

  6. Awww, thank you! I appreciate it! ^__^
    Yupp, I mainly design posters, magazine, etc. You get to create your own artworks to advertise as well.
    Yesss! Thank you for keeping up to date with me!
    Hehe, you're welcome, I'm sure you will do fine. All the best to you!

  7. Ahh, that's cool! Sounds interesting and fun but lots of work as well! XD >_<"
    Thank you! ^^


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