Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wish list #1

1. Casio exilim ex-zr1000 - I'm looking for a more compact camera to bring during the day around so I've spotted this one! It has a flip screen so it's convenient for selfies.

2. Izzi slim- This case has been featured in imjennim (she has superb fashion sense! check her out!) and I super love the versatility of this case! You can get a total of wide angle, macro, and fish eye lens and it's compact as well, just with a simple twist, you'll be able to change the lens you'd want to use.

3. Harajuku Black Wing Backpack- I have been eyeing for one of these back pack for ages!! These are the rip offs of Lost mannequin's wing backpack. I thought this is a really close rip off (there are two versions), I don't think I'd spent £100 on the original one. :(

4. Angel wings clip

5. Fairy one day colour con- Looking for a one day colour con and came across these which was featured by Hana tam! She highly recommends them for traveling around as well.

6. Tiny tea

7. Cryptex- Saw this cute cryptex on Gmarket and I think it looks so pretty! It's such a lovely piece to keep. I know xiaorishu also bought one from Gmarket ages ago and I so wanted one when I found her Gmarket haul video! *__*  It's actually a cryptex featured on running man.

This is my first wishlist kinda post and I hope you enjoyed it! Maybe I might do more of these kinda post in the future. I hope ya'all have a lovely day! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Awww, I have so many already but I'm still missing the compact vers. I dropped my old one :( I'd highly recommend the Sony-Nex versions! ^__^ It's super good and high quality. Haha. Me too! Awww, too bad :c I'm still deciding on if I should get the backpack. it's so difficult! LOL.
    Thank you for visiting! ^__^ <3

  2. I'm actually looking at the Sony Nex 5-T right now! xD Thanks for the recommendation! >u<


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