Friday, 11 July 2014

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner

Today I'm gonna be hauling on 2 Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner that I recently bought from ebay! They have a total of 5 collection, I only bought 3 eyeliner, 2 from ebay and 1 from yesstyle

I am totally in love with these eyeliner! I tend to have a habit of not opening my products before I use them but I saw swatches online and I found them not bad. It has a good pigmentation! If you're a sailormoon fan like me, I highly recommend them! They are not too over priced however you can get them cheaper in Japan. So if you ever visit japan, you'll have to hunt these down! 

The only thing I don't like about these are the boxes that came with them is rather flimsy and cheap but it doesn't stop me from buying these gorgeous eyeliner! 

I bought these from hkwai_beauty - they include tracking number as well which explains why they are expensive. Shipped on 6/6/2014, Arrived around 2-3 weeks. 
Creer-Beaute-x-Sailor-Moon-Miracle-Romance-Liquid-Eyeliner-Brown - £10.67
Creer-Beaute-x-Sailor-Moon-Miracle-Romance-Liquid-Eyeliner-Black - £10.67

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ Thank you for reading!☆★


  1. omg I WANT!!!!
    Sailor moon is like my childhood! XD
    the packaging looks cutee~~
    xx Charmaine

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  2. I'd love to get this just because of the sailormoon packaging :D


  3. Hehe. You should! ^__^ It's so pretty! xx

  4. Hehe. Mine too! You should totally get it :D xx

  5. sprinklesofstyle13 August 2014 at 19:10

    It's really lovely to see brands I don't know as its really refreshing to see something different!! :)

    Layla xx

  6. It's true! Thank you for stopping by! xx


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