WongFu Store haul!


HELLOOO! Today's post is my haul from WongFu Store! WongFu Store is mainly known for their Awkward animals plush toys and key chains and Nice Guy clothing. WongFu Store is owned by a group of youtubers, Phil, Wes and Ted or known as WongFu Productions. I made a small purchase from them. And I am pretty please with it! ^__^


Packaged safely, Shipped the next day on 5/6/2014 - Received 10/6/2014 (Pretty quick for a US shipping) 

Package inside. 

I did a joint purchase. I only bought a T-shirt and a Toast Keychain while my sister purchased the other 5 keychains. They are soooo cute! ^__^ 

LET'S GO SOMEWHERE NICE (GIRLS) - $18.00 was $24.00
I bought the Small size. I measured my measurement according to the chart. Let's just say I ordered a size bigger than what I'm suppose to get. I'm a size 8-10, mostly 8. So next time when I make a purchase I would order the XXS or maybe a XS size. The shirt hasn't got much stretching so it's quite stiff, but it most likely will be okay because the more I wear it the material will soften. It is pretty pricey for a simple shirt but that's my own opinion :) 

Excuse my no makeup + glasses face. 

So adorable keychain! ^__^ It's added to my keychain collection. It's just a perfect size for a keychain, it isn't too big neither too small. I super love this keychain, enough said.

I paid £44.73 for all the items. I only payed about £18ish for all my items while the rest were paid by my sister. Wong fu Store is also having a 15% off ! Get it while you can ! ^__^ I hope you enjoyed my haul.

Visit their store if you want to purchase any of the items I mentioned ! @http://awkwardanimal.com/

They make awesome videos! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

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  1. the clothes and accessories are so cute<3


  2. The keychains are adorable! I love the little toast. :D I haven't heard of WongFu store before but I might need to take a look at it now. <3

  3. Awww, I think so too ! You definately should ! They have super cute items ! <3 x

  4. Hehe, thanks for reading ! ^___^ <3

  5. Are they expensive?

  6. GAH!! The t-shirt is adorable!!

  7. They are quite expensive but quite worth it if you like them :)

  8. which are so totally sweet =)
    and you are also very pretty ^_^
    if you want to watch some games with me vorebi, would be delighted.


  9. Awhhh thank you for reading! <3


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