Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly 4: Lucy, Cookie, Mai, Nadia

Hello hello! I know I have been updating my blog with these lovely shoutout posts and not actual beauty/lifestyle stuff. I just haven't been blogging as much because my exam is so so near! So bare with me in a couple of weeks (one month) I will be blogging more regularly with a cheeky bornprettystore haul. Maybe I might post up my fav photography shot or even my art work. So here are the 4 lovely bloggers! Thank you for those who have stuck to following my blog all this time! I am truly grateful for those who have stayed and kept supporting me. I will be doing a lovely giveaway as well so I'll post it up in the near future.

Missed last week ? Click HERE to check out the 4 lovely bloggers last week! 

Super cute blogger from denmark! Her posts are very informative and detailed. She blogs mainly about beauty and tips and tricks. Check out her pink cutesy blog! ^___^ Thanks for submitting. 

Such a pretty blog and pretty girl too! I have fallen in love once I dropped into her blog. I actually visited and bookmarked her blog before she submitted her blog so hello! if you're reading this. I adore your blog. Keep it up! :) Her blog posts are very interested and detailed written. She has a mix of food, travel, lifestyle and beauty. Do visit her! ^__^ ❤

Love her blog once I visited her! She has a super sleek and clean layout and her posts are full of cute little adventures! Her posts are very detailed and interesting too. Check out her adventures in Japan I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! ;) Loving your blog! Thanks for submitting! Remember to check her out! ;) 

A simple beauty, food and lifestyle blog. She's a beginner at the moment but I'm sure we'll see more from her! Her posts are detailed and informative as well. Check out her latest H&M haul! ;)  Thank you for submitting! ^__^ 

Currently I have ran out shout outs to make so once I received enough, I might be posting more up. I'd like to thank 83 of you for submitting!! It has been grateful to post shoutouts for you all! ^__^ I wouldn't be able post up these amazing bloggers if it wasn't for you all.

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Remember what you put in the form, is what that will be shared with everyone! So think carefully. This is one of a great way to expand your blog! I personally check out your blog. So I do take time to post up shoutouts. ^__^

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