Sunday, 27 April 2014

Born Pretty Store haul !

Hello there everyone! I am here with a HUGEEEE haul from bornprettystore!! I am too excited!! I bought a total of 21 items (*excluded my sisters items)! I bought it together with my sister because they had a sale on the site so we figured we would share the shipping fee. You may spot a couple of things that are hers, however I didn't include all of her items that she bought.  She was pretty upset about hers because she didn't receive the colours of the products she wanted (even though she specified it in the comment section) :/ 

Before I fully purchased all 20ish items in one go, I did a trial buy, just to make sure the site was trustworthy to splurge my money on, and purchased a super adorable phone case! 
Packaged very well. Package also came in a reasonable time, 2 weeks. 

A very sturdy plastic case. I totally adore it and have been using it since! Unfortunately, it cracked after I accidentally hit it against one of the pole on the bus T__T 
( BTW, Make sure you have your currency setting set to your own currency before purchasing as they may charge you more! )

So, after purchasing the phone case I figured it was a pretty trustworthy site so I went ahead to purchase my huge haul! I had my item shipped with a tracking data ensuring my products don't get lost! I payed a little small fee (£1.82), it was worth it. Packaged came in two weeks+ 
Items packaged very well and safe. Everything came in one piece. Some items were missing so I contacted born pretty store. Apparently those items were out of stock when they shipped out my parcel and they sent the rest of the items to me after. 

I think this is the most I have ever spent online. *__* 

(I didn't get any of the colours I wanted even though I told them what colour I wanted in the comment section) 

They sent me an extra Anna Sui contact lens case! It's a super pretty and cute case. 

(Quite small in reality, I expected a bigger size.) 

I actually ordered the wrong design for the last nail sticker but it was my own fault for not choosing the correct pattern I want in the option button. -__- (I reordered the correct design afterwards)

I received a random pattern as I didn't specify. 

I would totally AVOID this product. When I first got it, the plastic looks and feels like it has been left alone and kept away for quite awhile. When I first used it, it charged for a few minutes and then stopped. I then charged it to make sure the charger actually had enough battery. It charged my phone for a few seconds and then stopped. I was totally annoyed! I tried recharging the charger just so to try again and make sure and it totally didn't work T__T (My experience, I would avoid buying their electronic products)

Super love this case! I'm using it currently after my Pegasus one cracked. 

I got the colour I wanted! *Hurray!*

This pen reminds me of my childhood in Malaysia. 

It's a bit wonky as you can see from the image but what you pay it what you get. However I had no problem wearing it. 

Super pretty and looks like the picture provided by the website. 

My other items have finally arrived! 
Again, safely packaged. 

My sister actually wanted the panda but got a bear. She was a bit unhappy at first but since it was cheap, she wasn't too bothered about it. 

I haven't really used this brush properly but for it's price, it's a decent brush. 

I hope you enjoyed my haul! All items are purchased with my own money. I wasn't sponsored in anyway and I wrote this post with my honest opinion! I think it's either a hit or a miss, however I never had any shipping problems with this company (which I am aware that some people have some shipping problems with them). 

Visit BORNPRETTYSTORE if you want to purchase anything I have bought above! ^__^ 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April Shopping haul!

April is coming near to end so I'd like to share my lovely haul I bought from town, Bury and Ipswich. 

Firstly, I wanted to share with you my InStyle Magazine I purchased from WH Smiths for £3.90. It's not cheap for the magazine but I super love the freebies that came with it. It's a pair of EYEKO lash curlers worth £12. I've tried it for myself and I love it! It doesn't tug or anything but when I use it, it has a squeaky noise that goes with it. I'm not sure if it's me or it's suppose to be like that. Anyway, it also came with Frizz Ease testers and a 15% off TOPSHOP voucher!  

Frizz Ease testers

I went shopping in Bury and purchase a few items! 
Gosh Frosted Nail polish 07 Frosted Soft Coral -  £1.99 was £3.99 (BARGAIN!)

Poundland iPhone cables - £1.00 each, £2.00 all together

Ryman A6 Sketching Journal - £3.49

45 Assorted Round Doyleys - £1.69 

Wool for cross stitch/embroidery - £0.50 each, £1.50 all together. 

I also had another round shopping at Ipswich! 
Winsor & Newton Blue INK - £3.50 
I super love these ink because they are easy to work with ! (Even though I haven't actually done much with them because I lost all my inspiration from people who are actually super good at art/drawing in my college. Sigh.) 

Theworks, Pink Ribbons - £1.00 

Primark is the place to go before leaving Ipswich! 
Cute mini hair clips - £1.50 

5 Pairs of black socks. I love black socks because I love my overall outfit to match so black is always my go to colour for socks. - £2.00 

5 Mini Briefs - £3.00 

So here's the end of my haul! I hope you had fun checking out what I have purchased over the month! 
❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★