Sunday, 9 February 2014

White Hello Kitty mask review

Hello pretty people!! I'm back with a review after like ages. I have been on haitus and just taking a break from blogging due to stress from my A levels. Good news is that I got two offers from university! ^__^ I'm still not sure which uni I want to go yet but hopefully, I'll decide after all my interviews. 

Anyway, here is a lovely review of the Limited edition Hello Kitty Sexy Look Brightening and Firming White Rose Double Lifting Mask! Such a long name. I bought this from Malaysia for RM19.90 a box. I heard loads of good stuff about Sexy Look (Taiwan brand) so I decided to give them a try. It's my first time reviewing a mask so bare with me. 

How to use: Personally, I put on this mask for a good 20 minutes and rub the excess serum on my face and neck but there isn't specific instructions for it.

Info: White: Sexy Look Brightening and Firming White Rose Double Lifting Mask.
Intense Brightening, aids skin to be translucent, soft and radiant. Ear Lobe on mask sheet helps to firm up face with chin lifting ear lobe hook with ingredients like rose, cherry extract, platinum essence, collagen, hyaluronic acid which apparently maintain skin's moisture level and elasticity.

I love the sweet smell of this mask. It reminds me of roses and apples. 

For me, The masks is a tight fit for me which I guess it's a good thing since it's a lifting and firming effect mask. It has ear holes which I think it keeps my mask on really well. However the nose area didn't fit very well bit I guess you can cut the sides of the nose bridge to make it fit. 

It's definitely a firming and lifting mask. This mask is also very soothing and it's also non-sensitive. I'm not so sure about the brightening effect maybe I need to use it more often. When I remove the mask, I got a relief from tense feeling. 

It's not very wet but just enough to feel refreshed after using it. 

It came in a transparent box with pink decor on it. Simple and cute. It's based on my most loved character, Hello Kitty. Overall it's super cute! There are also lots of serum in the package even when I took the mask out. 

Where to buy?: I don't think they sell these masks anymore. 

I think this is a pretty good mask with a rather good price. 

Recommend?: Yes ! It's a rather good mask to try out . 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. So cute mask! ^w^
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  2. Looks cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. lovely review!! will pick one of these on my next SASA or imomoko haul. Good luck on your interviews!!

  4. I have never seen this mask of Hello Kitty :(
    I'll search for it !

    Good Review !

  5. Congratulations on getting two offers for uni!! <3
    This mask is adorablee, I've never tried this brand before but it sounds pretty good ;P
    Omgg it sucks they don't sell these anymore!


    1. Awww thank you ! ^__^ ♥
      Hehe , they are a taiwan brand so I guess it's not that popular in aussie ;) xx

  6. love how the mask has holes for the ears haha - guess its good to make sure the mask stays put.

    ♥ M&L
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  7. The packaging is so so cute *-* It's pity it's not available anymore T__T I think the ear hooks look funny XD Thanks for this review, Krystal~ ! It's been a while we have talked qq


    1. Yeahh ! ^__^ hehe , ear hooks are pretty uncomfortable if you leave them in too long ><
      You're welcome ! + true ! I guess we both have been busy lately ;P

  8. aww its' hello kitty!! ♥♥♥
    ahaha this mask looks so cool lol!!
    your review makes me want to buy some and try then Krystall!!
    xxox Charmaineee

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    1. Yeahh ! ^__^ My favourite hello kitty, hehe ♥
      Thanks for reading charmaine ! ^__^ ♥


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