Sunday, 5 January 2014

Recap 2013 - Hello 2014 !

2013 have been ups and downs for me. From a mini blogger to currently here I am. 

January February March
I started off haul and giveaway posts and not so professional reviews. I was mostly concentrated on my college life as I wanted a good head start. Life was pretty boring apart from meeting my boyfriend!

April May June
These three months were the best I guess, as I went back to Malaysia and wrote posts about them and they turned out pretty well! I also got a shout out from wengie which was awesome!! I started blogging in a better way, I kept my haul and review posts. I got a new hair cut, glasses and a brand new camera which boosts up my confidence!

July August September
I started off weekly shoutouts to keep my blog running. I also won a few giveaways which I was grateful for! ^__^ I blogged quite a lot among these months since it was the summer holidays! I also got a little bit more closer to my boyfriend as we'd do trips to each others place.

October November December
Posts started to drop due to homework, coursework and stress. And also my Polaroid camera got creaky cause it turned on itself in my bag and I didn't realise it. U_U Which is one of a reason it put me off photography. Technology hates me. However one of a company contacted me during late december about getting featured while I was really delighted!

As for 2014 year ahead, I hope it'll be an exciting year ! Here are a lists of stuff I'd like to get it done.
1) Organise my week + months more - hence I brought a cute agenda/planner! (thanks vien for suggesting as well!)
2) Lists products out before buying them instore - especially lippies.
3) College before my blog + boyfriend. (unfortunately)
4) Pass my theory + practical test so that I can drive!!
5) Decide if I'm going to stay for another year or to go into uni!
6) Get delayed posts done as quickly as I can.
7) Stay positive!

Thank you all for coming back again and again! I really do appreciate it! I have reached 500+ followers which I am very grateful for! I think I might remove my chat box as well due to personal reasons so if you want to have a chat with me or contact me, you can always find me in any of the social network below! Happy blogging everyone! Hope you all are up and running for 2014! Stay positive and beautiful everyone! ^___^ 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★