Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weekly 3: Tsukiko, Cordelia, Jessica

Hello everyone . It's been ages since I blogged . I feel guilty however I had to leave my laptop alone due to how tired I was. My eyes were red and basically not getting enough sleep. So anyway, during the inactive season of my blog , I found this new app called DAYRE. So it's basically a micro blog. I am going to blog about it in more detail soon however at the moment here's my dayre account ! My life is pretty boring with coursework so let's move on to the bloggers ! 

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This blog is a bit different as it's not actually written in English however in Russian. No worries ! Her blog includes a quick google translate which enables you to read in any language you want so that's good. This little blog is mainly about her thoughts, philosophy, travel and lifestyle. Ohh she draws manga as well. :3 If you love those kinda blogs why not check her out ! ^__^ You might find her to be in one of your fav list. Thanks so much for submitting ! ^__^ 

Make up , fashion and food is her thing . She's a fairly new blogger however I hope she's gonna fill up her blog even more ! ^__^ She introduces places to eat , products to use and recipes as well which I found very detailed and informative . Do visit her blog !

Pretty pretty blogger! She is actually a friend of mine and I'm glad to have found her blog! ^__^ Beauty and fashion is her thing! I think this is the first mother baby blog I have ever shoutout to so yay! All her posts are very detailed and informative. She always tries to blog her best. She does food, reviews, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, etc. GO GO GO follow her ! and check out her pretty blog ! ^___^ ❤ Definitely not one to miss!

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Gü Souffle

Hello there! It's been ages since I posted a review so I'm up and running again. And so is my college work, which is good isn't it? So less talk and on to the review! ^___^ OHH and thank you for helping me reach 490+ followers !! It's such an awesome achievement and I can't thank you all enough for supporting me ! ^___^ <3 
The lovely ingredients and instructions. 

The pretty lid 

Uncooked. To cook, just remove the lid, place it in a pre heated oven, 160C: 12 mins (fan oven) | 170C : 13 mins (non fan oven) | Gas mark 3 170C for 13 mins. Don't overcook them, or they'll lose their Gü-ey centres! 

TADAA! When it's cooked and ready!

Chocolaty with a slight bitter taste, when you eat the crusts, more like a slight dark chocolate taste. I'm a fan of dark chocolate so I find it yummy anyways. I promise it's not very bitter as my younger sister love this dessert as well. It has a gooey center, which I can't resist. ❤(* ̄︶ ̄*)

Time to cook 
Just remove the lid, place it in a pre heated oven, 160C: 12 mins (fan oven) | 170C : 13 mins (non fan oven) | Gas mark 3 170C for 13 mins. Don't overcook them, or they'll lose their Gü-ey centres! This is however a bit more tricky compared to the melting middles as if you cook it for too long, they are no longer gooey while just plain cooked kind of cake texture :c 

Packaging/Price : 
Very elegant and so pretty! A Masquerade themed packaging. I love their use of pink and black colour. I think this is my all time fav packaging for desserts and you are able to get two pots in one box. It is a bit pricey for two piece dessert (£3.59) but Tesco always does half price offer so if I spot them half price, it's a bargain for me. (Same for the melting middles) 

Where to buy? : Tesco, waitrose, etc. UK supermarkets !

Overall : 
It taste beautiful when you cook them perfectly. It melts into your mouth just like a souffle. However if you overcook them, they taste like ordinary chocolate kind of sponge cake. It's so delicious as I can finish one by myself and I tend to refuse to share. I can always reuse the glass pot which is so pretty ! ^___^ Well, try it then you'll love it ! 

Recommend? : YESSS!!! 
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