Friday, 25 October 2013

Weekly 3: Fifi, Rachel, Lisa

HELLOOOO! How are you all ? My half term just started and I realised my schedule is jammed pack with stuff to do .__. Driving test , going off to chinese grocery shopping, date with the boyfriend, driving lesson, homework, blogging. Woahhhhh. But I hope everything will end up nicely and fingers crossed that I'll pass my test ! >_____< I need to hand in my UCAS stuff soon and currently still deciding where to go :/ Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

Missed last week shoutouts? Click HERE to check out the 3 lovely bloggers last week! 
Haul haul haul! Lover of haul ? She has lots of haul in her blog. She's a very lovely beauty blogger. She posts outfits, reviews, hauls, nail art and anything beauty+fashion! ^___^ Her posts are very detailed and very informative. For her hauls she actually includes order, shipping and arrival date which I found so helpful! I usually lose track of my dates so thumbs up for Fifi!! She has a very detailed review on some Bubbi brushes *__* (probs my fav post apart from the hauls) I love your blog girl! Looking forward in your future posts. Beauty lovers do visit her ! ^___^ ❤

She's a very very cute beauty blogger and her blog is so kawaii as well! Anime, fashion, ulzzangs, korean pop, video games and alice are her favs! +  her style is abit ulzzang too :P She made her first cute little decoden tutoria recentlyl. Her reviews includes gifs while using them which I think is such a creative way!! I would have never thought of it. Thumbs up! ^__^ + her posts are very interesting and detailed. Sadly, she accidentally deleted her posts T__T + but her holiday post at Cairns was super duper awesome!! Maybe she'll repost it or post even more new better stuff for you guys. Do visit her wonderland blog! I love your blog Rachel! Looking forward to your future posts ^__^ ❤

Lisa is such a kawaii lifestyle blogger!!! ❤ I actually visited her blog a couple of times and first time I found it I already loved it *__* She blogs mostly about her life but there are also a couple of cute products review, nails and haul as well.  Her nail are are so pretty !Her adventures with her boyfriend are just so sweet! + makes me so jealous already ! Overall, do visit this cutie to know more about her! ;)

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❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Ahh Thank you for the shoutout Krystal ♥ ♥ ♥
    You're so sweet ♥
    Good Luck with your driving test!! ^_^

    1. You're welcome ! ^___^ ♥ hehe , thank you ! :3 I actually failed T__T but ah well , will be retaking it again probably next year >.<


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