Friday, 18 October 2013

Weekly 3: Charmaine, Frankie, Yu

Sorry for being inactive for ages, I have been busy and still trying to get myself together >___< However! Half term is heading my way soon so I hope I have a week to bring myself together with everything. I still have two uni open days to go to, I'm kind of sick of going to open days so I might just pick them according their info's if I'm really not satisfied with the ones I already visited. 

I hope your week have been well and here are this week's lovely blogger.

Missed last week ? Click HERE to check out the 3 lovely bloggers last week! 
Charmaine is a lovely Australian beauty blogger here!! She does reviews, OOTDs', tutorials and all sorts ! If you flip a few page back you can get her glimpse of her adventure during One Direction tour concert if you're a fan ;) Halloween is coming soon + she has a pretty pink makeup tutorial ;) Interested ? Check her out to find more ! :P Loving your blog Charmaine, can't wait to see more from you cutie.

Frankie has soooo much beauty reviews!! + her blog is pretty too. Most of them are western products however all her posts are very detail and informative + includes swatches! They make me so jealous. She does hauls, favourites and also her lifestyle. MAC fanatic? MUST visit her ! Her RiRi for MAC collection post attracted me!  Thanks for submitting! I look forwards seeing your new posts! ^___^

Yu is so prettyy! Kpop, Anima, Manga-fan here! Lifestyle blogger so she blogs about anything she find interesting. She has a blogshop (currently only shipping only to USA) which you can check out and 50% of her earning goes to charity so if you get stuff from her you're helping the charity as well which is a win win isn't it? You can also check her out if you're interested in shoutouts as she does them too. ^__^ I chatted to her once or twice on chatbox and she seem pretty nice. There's not much in her blog at the moment but I'm sure there will be more coming soon! Loving your blog! I really love the simplicity of it, I hope to see more from you soon! ❤

3 more shout outs will be made next week! So please stay tuned to check if your blog have been featured!
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❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. cool, now i have some new blogs to read!!

  2. awww thank you for the shout-out Krystal (≧◡≦) ♥♥♥
    do you have kakao talk??
    xxx Charmaineeeeeeee

    1. You're welcome ! ^___^ ♥ ehe , no :c I only have line + whatsapp :o + fb :3

  3. Thanks for the blog recommendations! More amazing blogs to read woohoo!

    xx Mandy

    1. You're welcome ! Thanks for supporting ! x

  4. I love when people do tutorials for movie characters, the hunger games had some very creative makeup looks! I just did a peacock inspired makeup look on my blog :)

    1. Yupp! ^___^ Awesome ! I'll definately check it out . Thanks erica x


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