Monday, 21 October 2013

Anklets tattoo tights review

Hello hello everybodyy! I'm meaning to do this post in like ages but I always forget to take the pic of the packaging while now I caught some free time in my hand I'll finish this lovely review up! ^__^ I brought this the same time I brought my cat tattoo tights and shipping time were almost the same. Check out the cat tattoo tights review if you want! So, today I'm gonna review these anklets tattoo tights that I brought off ebay (HERE) I bought it from this seller eworld365. For their price, they are only AU $2.32//£1.86 from HongKong. 
Seller left a note which is always nice :) 

Comfort : 
These fit better than the cat tights but not very comfy. They are not very stretchable but they still fit. I like the wrapped up toes bit while this makes it feel more durable and comfy. They do roll down occasionally, the longer you wear them throughout the day. So you'll just have to pull them up at some point of the day. They aren't warm so you are most likely to wear them during the summer. 

Design/Pattern : 
This design is more of a simple and easy to match outfits. The design is placed only on the right leg while it's printed on pretty well. However, for it's simple and pretty design, the shade of the tights were too pale for me! I look like I have vampire legs, lol. 

Packaging : 
It was shipped without bubble wrap however, since they are tights and won't damage easily, so that's pretty eco friendly I guess ? Packaging is dull with transparent bag and a label on it. But all and all it was safe and tights weren't damage.  

Durability : 
This is actually more stretchable compared to the cat tights. It didn't break or tear and I have already worn them a couple of times! ^__^ 

Shipping : 
Quick dispatched while it arrived in 1-2 weeks, I can't really remember as I bought it ages ago. 

Overall : 
I wasn't pleased however I wasn't disappoint. I did like the design of it but I didn't like how sometimes it's rather uncomfortable as it moves itself down. I definitely wouldn't repurchase but I would still like it as a gift. 

Recommend? : No, if you have tanned + medium to light skin tone. Yes if you're so lucky to have pale skin tone + if you like this design!    

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. awww I've always loved tattoo tights, but they always are expensive...
    thx for the review + link Krystal!!~~
    xx Charmaineeeee

  2. That's so cool!
    I thought the tattoo was legit haha!!


  3. Looks cute. :)) I really want to purchase some stockings with that kind of design. Too bad i cant. lol. xx

  4. Cute design, great honest review too, xoxo.

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    I would love to buy these kind of tights, but I really don't know if I should. They really look good, but I'm wondering if they will really last long... Nice review, at least now I have an idea of the quality.

  6. Hey Krystal! They look great!!
    I'm just dropping by to tell you that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can find out more here:

    Well Done!! April x


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