Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Empties + Rejects #1

Hello ! Today I'm gonna show you my empties and rejects ! ^-^ I love this kind of posts and was inspired by a couple of beauty blogs. This post have been in my draft for ages and I finally found time to type it up. ^___^ Let's roll on the empties! ^__^ 

LYNX Attract for her revitalising shower gel 
I love love this product!! One of my favourite  *_* This was a Christmas present from my cute ginger friend, Charlie. It was just heaven using this shower gel. I love love love the smell and the smell actually stays on your body for a couple of hours to attract your men ;) haha. The smell is.. undescribable, if you ever used Lynx products then it's basically that smell! I have gone through two bottles now. ^__^
Repurchase:Yes for me!!! 

Simple foaming cleanser
I have actually gone through about 2-3 bottles of these now. They work good during the winter but my skin doesn't like it during the summer :/ However no break outs. It works super well with my No7 Cleaning Brush tho! So might actually use more of this during winter. 
Repurchase: Maybe, or I might try out other brands once I finish all those bottles I stocked up.   

Freederm sensitive facial wash
I was trying this out as I have sensitive skin + I started to have red patches which I still have no idea what are those! (they are not acne) It didn't do anything . Doesn't feel fresh , doesn't feel like I washed my face . It also didn't do anything to my pimples . .___. 
Repurchase: No. .__. 

Freederm exfoliating daily wash
It feels very fresh and cleansed for me. Sometimes I use this with my No7 Cleaning Brush for that extra cleansed feeling. I currently still using this and I think it's working pretty good at the moment. Oil control is okay but my nose is still oily :( However, no break outs what so ever ^__^ 
Repurchase: Yes for now. 

Loreal Shine Conditioner
I was actually attracted to this by it's protein + pearl formula. It's apparently suppose to make my hair shine but it didn't. My hair didn't feel softer either .__. I don't think this was the best conditioner I have ever tired. 
Repurchase: No, I might try out other brands. 

Colgate advanced white
It actually left my teeth whiter which I was pretty pleased about ^__^ I did realise my teeth was whiter even though I have braces on which is awesome! However there are still tons of toothpaste out there so I might switch to different ones to try out? 
Repurchase: Maybe. 

Colgate Plax sensitive
It's for sensitive gums/teeth so it's perfect for me! My gums have been super sensitive since I had my braces on. It's awesome as it's alcohol free, gentle, kills up to 99.9% of germs. However I don't really agree to it's 12hr protection/fresh breath. It's kind of a love hate relationship towards this mouth wash but I always try different types of mouth wash to find my perfect one. Maybe I might try out others out there? 
Repurchase: Maybe. 

TRESemme conditioner
I love this conditioner! It made my hair really really smooth. After blow drying my hair it's still silky + smooth. It's like swoosh~ My boyfriend also complimented me after I used this conditioner as he noticed something different with my hair. Which was awesome ;) 
Repurchase: Yes! ^___^ 

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
I loveeee the smell of this shampoo. I can smell it when I have it on my hair as well. It's a really sweet smell which I love. The formula of this shampoo works really great as it makes my hair abit moist (HAHA) and it feels abit less damaged/dry. It's currently my holy grail shampoo as I repurchased this in a bigger bottle! (I find it helpful buying travel sized bottles of products to try it out before buying the full size) 
Repurchase: Yes! ^___^ 

T H E  R E J E C T S
I normally use up all my products, I rarely have half used products actually so here's only one! >.< 
Garnier  Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash 
To be honest, I was looking forward to this product however it let me down. My sister actually used this and it did okay for her. Firstly I find the brush kind of unhygenic after a couple of weeks cause they started to have a yellowy stain at the roots of the brush. The whole container started looking abit meh.. It smelt minty, when I was using it felt abit itchy which I was worried about :/ (I have very sensitive skin). However, there were no difference for me when I used it. Don't think I'll be buying this.

I hope you find my empties + rejects helpful! ^__^ 
❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. I didn't actually know that Lynx did a shower gel for girls! Also I love the TRESemme Conditioner too :)


    1. I didn't too! I just spotted this in superdrug during their Christmas products! ;) I'm sure you can get it this coming Christmas :3 Awesome. TRESemme is pretty good ^__^

  2. I don't know any of these brands ; O ;It's probably because I live in Europe ugh :c
    But the Garnier product sounds super unhygienic and it's a bit weird that the brush got yellow lol
    I will definitely try to find the colgate toothpaste somewhere! I want my teeths to be whiter tooo T^T


    1. Ehe, maybe ^__^ Most of these are local UK brands.
      Indeed. I stopped using it already >___<
      Awesome! ^___^ Ehe, I find it very difficult to maintain super white teeth >.<

      Thanks for reading :3

  3. ooo I should try out the colgate! I have braces on as well :DD

    xx Mandy

    1. Awesome! ^___^ hope your braces doesn't hurt too bad ;P xx

  4. Oh wow! So interesting post! ^_^


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