Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cat tattoo tights review

Hello! I have been missing out in lots of reviews that I'm suppose to do but here I am! Today I'm gonna review these cute cat tattoo tights that I brought off ebay (HERE) I bought it from this seller KEYZONE. For their price, they are only AU $2.32/£1.35 from HongKong. 


Comfort : 
I don't really like the comfort of these tights. I think they are too small for me even though I am pretty short and the height measurement is right. I think these suit shorter + skinny legs :/ I'm 155cm tall so apparently it should fit me but it's still too small!! T__T If I wear my high waisted shorts, you can see the top of the tights which isn't very attractive :/ but it works great with skirts/dresses. However, the toes section of the tights were pretty comfy. They are not warm so these are mainly for decoration or on a breezy summer day. 

Design/Pattern : 
I love the cat design. Super adorable. I got lots of compliments and looks. It's a great conversation starter as well :P Colour of the tights fit's pretty well to my skin as well. ^___^

Packaging : 
Super cute! + safely wrapped (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Durability : 
It isn't very stretchable. I was worried it might break or tear but it stayed strong! I worn these twice now and they haven't ripped so that's awesome! ^___^

Shipping : 
Quick dispatched while it arrived in 1-2 weeks, I can't really remember as I bought it ages ago. 

Overall : 
Comfort wasn't the best for me but I would wear is sometimes when I want abit of attention or during some special days ^___^ 

Recommend? : Maybe, not from this seller. Maybe from another website that sells a similar design? They are too cute to resist! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★
Thanks for reading!


  1. omg I love the design of it *w* My cousine owns these tights too and it looks soo adorable :D I just noticed that your legs are really pale haha I love pale skin on asians ~! ♥

    -Mindy http://mymychen.blogspot.com/

    1. Hehe. Me too! + I agree ^___^ Haha. I just don't go out alot but this summer I tanned a little and I have a shorts tan line which is funny when I see it in the bath. xD Hope I restore the whiteness soon during winter. haha ♥

  2. It's so cute! It sucks that it wasn't very comfortable. But awesome review! ^^

  3. Omg these are so adorable! Too bad they weren't comfortable on you because everything else about it worth 5 stars :(


    1. Yeah!! ^^ Ahh well, I might try other websites :3

  4. it's adorable ! too bad it's too short
    i'm around your height too :D


  5. the tights look so good in your skin!almost like real tattoo! hehe
    i once had tattoo tight too with ribbons print but the colour is a bit dark for my skin and obviously shows that im wearing a tights -_- .lol


    1. Hehe, thank you cutie <3
      Awww, damn. I hate dark skinned tights too :c I try to avoid them.

  6. I definitely want one. I hope PH got some of that. Its so freakin cute :)))

    1. Awesome! ^^ Hope you'll be able to get one :D


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