Friday, 9 August 2013

Weekly 5: Yoko, Anya, Muliani, Phailee, Rachel

Round 2 already! How quick has this week been huh? Recently I have been looking at BB creams but I never bring myself to buying any. Do you have any that you would recommend me to try? And I just booked for my driving theory test and I'm quite nervous for it! Anyway enough of me rambling on, click (HERE) to read last week's weekly 5! ^__^ Today's bloggers are rather interesting as they are from different countries! ;o Do visit them! Let's get started!

BLOGURL: Yoko Lambert Is The Name
YOKO! Pretty pretty girl! She was featured in my blog a while back during my Malaysia trip + I met her on facebook a few years back. She blogs about beauty, travelling and just how she lives her life in uni! She has the prettiest skin I have ever seen up front not just on camera! She includes little facts in her beauty posts which sometimes adds to my beauty infos! ^__^ Eventhough there isn't much at the moment but I hope to see more lovely posts from you pretty! Loving your blog! 

BLOGURL: It is my fiction♬
A very pretty blog! A very pretty girl too! Loving your blog! She blogs about makeup reviews, hauls and also beauty DIYS which she includes loads of details. Loving her effort! Her blog is just so adorable as she always ends off with cute emoticons *__* Do visit this cutie! 

A lovely lifestyle blogger from Indonesia. Enjoy reading her lovely adventures. She blogs about fashion too. A cute pink blog. Looking for recipes for cute cakes ? She also share them! ^__^ 

BLOGURL: Phailee Panda's Cafe
Lovely girl from the USA! Beauty Haul, reviews, OOTD ? Her blog is one to head to! She has a mix range of western and asian cosmetics/skincare/nail reviews. Very informative too. Loving her blog! Hope to see more posts from you :3  Keep it up girl! ^__^ 

BLOGURL: Wayycher-life,love,laugh
A very informative blog! She blogs about her lifestyle, food, reviews and frequent OOTDs. Just a ton of mixture. So if you enjoy looking at OOTD's and food posts, her blog is one to go to ! A pretty pretty girl too! Loving your blog + the unique anchor background design! ^__^ Do visit her blog! 

5 more shout outs will be made next week! So please stay tuned to check if your blog have been featured!

Remember what you put in the form, is what that will be shared with everyone! So think carefully.
This is one of a great way to expand your blog! I personally check out your blog. So I do take time to post up shoutouts. ^__^

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Thank you for the shoutout! ^^

  2. Thanks my dear♥ ! Sorry I can't update my blog . My laptop went for repair and im having final exam :( urgh .

    1. Awww, youre welcome babe ♥ It's okay nar. :c Goodluck in your exam yar, all the best! ^^"


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