Friday, 23 August 2013

Weekly 5: Miki, Supriya, Nancy, Katie, Rain Chan

Hello ! How's everyone ? I know I have been slacking on reviews but hopefully I will catch up on them. My Etude House Cotton Fit BB cream from W2Beauty (CHECK THE SHOP OUT!) just arrived so I might be doing a possibly review? My dad just placed a white light in my room so now I can take photos of products even during the night. ^__^ I still have loads of hauls + posts queuing up. Anyway, lets move on to the five bloggers! ^__ ^

A really really adorable blog! Looking for kawaii blogs? She's one of them! ;) So many cute emoticons. She does html+graphic tutorials which I find very informative! :3 And she's an anime a lover too! She sometimes recommends animes/movies that she likes. Not only animes/movies, she also does makeup+beauty reviews, food, travel, lifestyle and basically a mix! ^__^ Loving your cute blog!! Keep blogging! She's really lovely too! Do visit her ^___^ 

A lifestyle blogger from Malaysia with quite informative posts :) Currently she hasn't got much in her blog but hope you will blog more so I can see more from you! Keep it up girl! ^__^ 

Love looking at OOTDs? She's one blogger to head to. She also does makeup reviews and hauls! Which are very informative and detailed! Keep blogging pretty! ^__^ She's one pretty girl! And big cute eyes! Must check her blog out! And she also have a rather interesting URL ;o

OMG! Katie has such flawless skin! She's also super cute! She does very detailed reviews of Korean/Western cosmetics, tips and tricks to Ulzzang skincare, lens review and more. A very informative blog! Her info pretty much says it all. One of my personal favourites ! ^__^ Do visit her blog! 

She does makeup and skincare product reviews which are rather detailed. Ohhh! and I got so hungry when I saw her Japanese Buffet post. *__* She also blogs about her life which I found rather interesting to read :) A very cute blogger too! She's currently having an international giveaway, so maybe check it out? ;) Loving your blog! Keep it up! ^__^ 

5 more shout outs will be made next week! So please stay tuned to check if your blog have been featured!
Remember what you put in the form, is what that will be shared with everyone! So think carefully. This is one of a great way to expand your blog! I personally check out your blog. So I do take time to post up shoutouts. ^__^

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Hihi~ I was just commenting to say that I'm using your 'Harmony' blog skin~ ^___^ I absolutely loooove it!! <3 <3 <3 Your credits are still there of course~ I've never been happier~ ^__^ So thank you soooo much Krystal!! <3

    1. Awww, thank you sweetie!! And it was very kind of you to post a shoutout ^___^ + glad you liked it ^^ + you're welcome Aimee! <3 <3 <3


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