Friday, 16 August 2013

Weekly 5: Amabel, Suhaili, Abbie, Aimee, Ellysha

Hello! 3rd round of shoutouts now. Hasn't the week went pass quickly? It's only a week to my theory test! How nervous am I? More nervous than receiving my A level results. ;___; Btw, just yesterday I received my A level results. A for photography and graphics! How awesomeee! Gonna work hard for next year now. Anyway, click (HERE) for last week's weekly 5! And now we begin this week's lovely bloggers! ^__^

A pretty lifestyle and beauty blogger. She does reviews on shops, k/j dramas, makeup, food + etc! Just a mixture of everything ^__^ She's also starting a online blogshop soon. How cool? She blogs her thoughts which I find that it makes me thinks for myself, it's pretty interesting and informative too. K-pop fan. Yeryeryer! Do visit her cute blog! ^__^ Loving the hot zac efron GIF ;) 

Suhaili mostly blogs about her life in Malaysia. She lives in Ipoh, which is the same hometown to me! ^___^ She blogged about her during blood donation which I found quite interesting. Do visit her if you enjoy lifestyle blogs. 

A pretty pretty beauty and lifestyle blogger! She does "product review of the week" so you'll always get something from her! Loving her hauls. Hope to see more from you! Keep it up girl! ^__^ Loving your blog! Thanks! 

Interested in beauty and makeup ? Her blog is one to go to! Loving her tony moly and face shop haul and her lovely reviews! ;__; She has adorable emoticons which spices up her blog. So cute!! ^__^ Loving your blog! Can't wait to see more from you lovely! Do visit her blog! 

A very adorable blog. K-pop fan too! ^__^ Loving her masks review! :) Not only she blogs about beauty, she also blogs about her lifestyle. Do check her out! Hope to see more from you girl! ^__^ Keep posting!! :) 

5 more shout outs will be made next week! So please stay tuned to check if your blog have been featured!

Remember what you put in the form, is what that will be shared with everyone! So think carefully. This is one of a great way to expand your blog! I personally check out your blog. So I do take time to post up shoutouts. ^__^

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. it's really nice of you to help promote blogger website

    i'm inviting you to join my first international giveaway

    1. Aww, thank you! ^__^ I joined your giveaway :D Hope to have a chance to win too ^^

  2. Thank you krystal :) btw, I didn't saw you that day when you came to SMC Ipoh .. hmm ~ :/

    1. You're welcome ! ^__^ Aha, I was only at Parade. I think it was the IU day when I was there >.<


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