Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ultimate work bag

Hello! Today I'm gonna talk about my new bag I use for college. ^__^ I'm using the Luca Bocelli , Ultimate work bag. I spotted this at Freeport, Braintree. It was discounted for £39! What a bargain, right? There are also a range of different colour such as black, pink, red, orange, yellow, gray. I think you can get these off ebay or amazon + they also have different sizes and styles. The word, 'ultimate' already attracted me to buy it ! *__* 

This chic bag can be used for work and everyday. However I'm a bit iffy using a leather bag for everyday use. So I just keep this for my college use.

Detachable shoulder Strap.

It's made from soft nappa genuine leather.

Laptop friendly, impact resistant thick foam padding 
Pockets for cables, great for my earphones! ^__^
Mobile pocket and twin pen holders, great fit for my Iphone4s and I can fit in two pens or a pencil when I don't wanna carry my pencil case around.
A4 Document Section which is awesome for avoiding my A4 notes being folded or crumpled up.
Interior Multi Organiser Section, it's a great fit for my notebook!
Card Holders included so I can just slip my bus pass and college pass.
There is also a zip pocket and the magnet clipped pocket outside which are designed safely and pretty handy too, normally I use these section to keep my keys or even my college pass when I'm walking around college.

There's 12 pockets all together! ^___^ There were imperfections on the strap but it's not very obvious so no biggie. And it's also the last one so they couldn't give me another one. Remember to always check your straps, zips and pockets before buying+taking your bag home just in case! I think this is also a reason why they sell it for such a cheap price.

Overall : imageimageimageimageimage
Overall, I'm loving my bag! It is a bit heavy if I put my camera(NEX-F3) in it. But it's really handy when I put A4 notes in it. It's abit large for me, cause I'm rather short 5ft 1" .___.  If I was abit taller and bigger I think this bag would be perfect for me. But I'm sure I can use this bag till uni. Hopefully I'll grow by then. ಠ_ಠ I'm still looking for a cute back pack like the famous WINGED BLACK SID BACKPACK- Lostmannequin. I saw some bags from ALDO but they were abit iffy so I decided to keep looking. I was thinking of the stripey bag from ALDO but I like plain bags so I can match it with all my outfits. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my short review. ^__^

Freeport Braintree
Charter Way
Chapel Hill
CM77 8YH

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★ image
Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow.. it's really a nice bag^^ you can put everything inside^^

    1. Hehe, yupp! It's pretty awesome ^__^

  2. Love the color, is beautiful!!

  3. Oh really cute bag. I really want but in another color like black. Thanks for share and for joined to my giveaway!.xx

    1. Black looks good too! but it looks kinda old on me cause of my height >.< You're welcome cutie! xx


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