Saturday, 10 August 2013

Paperchase Haul

This is kind of a collective haul of Paperchase since this haul was a month ago. (Oh wow krystal) Anyway, let's begin! They had a sale and I couldn't help myself on splurging money on paper! 

I couldn't help myself on these cheap notebooks! Normally notebooks in paperchase are super expensive. Well, for an asian. 
Illustrated Pages £2.50 reduced to - £1.75
Plain Coloured Pages £2.50 reduced to - £1.75

They had loads of letter set on sale like plain ones + other designs but since I don't send mail a lot I just picked up one of the loveliest design. 
Paperchase Butterfly Letter Set £5.00 reduced to - £2.50

Rabbit Stickers £1.00 reduced to - £0.50
TUTTLE Origami Folding Paper £3.00 reduced to - £1.50

FIMO soft £6.25 reduced to - £3.10
These were mainly bought for my sister's christmas present. (Does everyone shop for presents during sale? Or am I the only one?) 

I also had another round at the paperchase during my movie day with Jake. However, lovely paperchase stopped their sale. T__T The mixed colour pencil just gave me a great idea to add on to my graphic portfolio so she had to be brought home! ^__^ 
Gardening Fun stickers- £1.00
Mixed colour and HB pencil- £1.00

And that is it ! I didn't spend a lot cause I am still holding back to save up money to live a glamorous uni life. HAHA. Hope you enjoyed this short haul post. 
❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Love Paperchase! I can never afford anything though, jealous of the fact you got loads of stuff on sale :(

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. OMGG I agree ! They have so many pretty stuff but in such a high price :( I only could afford the stickers. Awww, there will be another sale on pretty soon, after christmas would be the best bet. ^^"

  2. OMG O M G Those stickers are sooooo adorable!!! AHHHHHH I WANT!!
    Btw I found you blog through the blog hop, I followed you!

    1. Uhhuh n___n I know right :D
      Aww, thanks for checking my blog out ! I followed back too ! ^____^


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