Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bunnyfuldays Blog Sale Haul

I knew Bunnyfuldays from a giveaway she held almost a year ago? and I was one of the winner. Omg come to think of it I have no idea what her name is but I'll just call her by Bunnyfuldays :3 She is currently having a Beauty and Clothing Blog Sale (UK ONLY) which has a few beauty products that I have been eyeing on. So now I paid for products I might use for a cheaper price. ;D She offers Asian and also Western beauty products ! ^__^ The products I purchase were used a couple of times however I found them to be clean. You can tell they were used (hey, you're paying lesser for it) however I am very pleased with the blushes! ^___^ + she's so nice as well!!

Pretty pink plastic bag thingy + Bubble wrapped safely! ^__^

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - #2 Rose Cookie £3.00
 Tony moly Brusher Ribbon Puff (FREE)
E.L.F. Studio Blush - Pink Passion £1.60 (Shipping UK £1)
(I reckon these are the right prices, I bought these products from her ages ago)

The puff of the Cookie blush was used so she gave me a new one for free, which was awesome of her! ^__^ This is more or less closest to the exact colour of the blush.

The elf's pink passion's actual colour is more of the picture taken indoors so don't worry, it's not that hot pink! 
This is the older version of the Cookie blush from Etude house. I did read some reviews of a comparison on the new + old versions and apparently the older version lasts much longer.  

Time for the swatches.

Now here's a mini review on how I think of them. 

Both the elf and the etude house is really really pigmented. A little goes a long way + depending on what look you're going for and how much you apply. I can't say it lasts all day cause I do touch my face and I do not apply alot. Both are matte blushes. I am a huge fan of matte blushes. ( ̄▽ ̄)
ELF - Hot Pink on pan , baby pink on cheeks when blended out. (possible dupe of Candy Doll, Strawberry Pink)
Etude house - Peachy pink. Really cute for the natural look! 

Packaging : 
I love both blushes in their own unique way of packaging! ^__^ 
ELF -  Alike MAC's blushes, it has a cute mirror with it ! Light and pretty compact however it doesn't come with a brush. 
Etude house - Princess-y, plasticky, cute! + the puff makes it more adorable! (I do not use the puff however I prefer using it with a blush brush cause I find it more hygenic)

Shipping : 
QUICKKKK! Arrived 2-3 days. ^__^

Overall : 
I love and adore these blushes to the max. Etude house's cookie blush is used more of a everyday cutesy look (my boyfriend actually noticed it and he said it looked very nice ^__^) while I use the ELF blush when I want a little pop up dolly look. I usually use my MAC-Cream Soda blush to tone down the pink a little if I apply too much + they work really well together. Bunnyfuldays was lovely to be purchasing from! 

Recommend? : Yupp if you're looking for cheap blushes to try! As for bunnyfuldays blog sale? YESSS!  

Blog sale is available UK ONLY.
(I wasn't sponsored to do this post)

Thanks for reading! ^__^
❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. D: I'm so sad that she only sells in the UK! :( I want so many things from her blog sale. D:

    Thankyou for this though~ I found a new blog to follow!

    1. Awww, me too! but I don't wanna spend too much. >.< I'm sure there are some bloggers that live in your country that has blog sales. ^__^ + you're welcome!

  2. Aw, I love the color of the Etuse house blusher! *-* It looks really cute hehe I think I will definitely check out her blog and buy that cookie blusher :) It's really nice of her to send you a new blusher puff tho
    Thanks for the review, Krystal ! :D

    1. Me too! ^__^ Hehe, you should definitely check it out :3 I might post a selca wearing them later if I have sometime. ^^"
      You're welcome Mindy! :3

  3. Must check this out! Perfect for someone like me on a super low budget right now D;

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. Hehe. Yupp! ^___^ Thanks for reading <3

  4. Great blog! I have just started following you maybe you would like to check us out as well and follow back?

    1. Thanks so much! ^___^ Would be checking your blog out ! xx


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