Monday, 19 August 2013

Bubbi Multi Retractable Brush

Hello hello! Oh well, the title fitted purfectly  (人´▽`) I'm sure you all have heard the famous beauty guru Bubz? Last year around October I made a short review on her brushes. Check it out (HERE). These brushes are the old versions that she's no longer selling and it's been almost a year of me using them! So now here's another review. 
The bubbi logo is still intact but I'm not sure how long it will lasts. It is abit smudged but I think it looks like that the first time I brought it. Not a very high quality print while it's not very visible so no biggie. The brush is still soft after so many washes! That's the important part. (I only wash it with baby shampoo) I don't wash my brushes with shampoo + veg oil (which I heard that's the best way) because I always tend to add too much oil or something and it dries up my brushes so so much + I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong or it's suppose to do that.

Well, this happened to my brush when I came to washing it. The whole brush just broke apart cause the glue inside didn't want to hold together. The glue isn't a glamorous colour. This is not even over it's 10th wash. I was so sad ;__;  NOTE: Do not wash your brushes with warm/hot water.

I used the lovely brush guard to dry them off. I just pop these on and leave them standing on a glass jar.

The parts of the retractable brush. Don't worry, I super glued everything back together! 

Soft soft soft! Fluffy, flat-ish and square shaped. The brush can be adjusted just by using the handle! (UP/DOWN) The handle stayed quite well in place when I'm using it. It can be used for blush/powder/contouring! Multi-function! The brush dried over 2 days which was actually quicker than the Buffer Brush. (Which I might do a review on it) 

The brush did not shed but there are few stray bits which are visible as you can see from the picture above but they do not fall off. The brush cover scraped off some of the paint on the handle which I was quite disappointed with. I'm always afraid of washing this brush cause I'm always worried that water might get into the back of the brush which cause the glue to weaken and hence how the brush broke apart. ;___; 

Light weight! Logo printed on isn't perfect even for the price of it I'm quite disappointed. (£7.99) Inside of the lid is just a plain and kinda scratched silver metal. The lid was not a perfect fit which I realised when I glued the brush together.

I love love love this brush! The design of the brush is really beautifully designed. It's easy to carry around and travel friendly! ^__^ However it's a little too big to be called compact if you have a mini makeup bag. I use this brush mainly for my blush which works wonders! I wasn't very impressed on it's packaging and the result of it falling apart (maybe it was my own fault cause I haven't seen anyone's brush turn out like this) but for it's function it definitely deserves a thumbs up so it does deserve 4 hearts from me ^___^ 

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  1. I really need to invest in new makeup brushes i swear i've had the same ones for years >__<

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. Aww, I heard ecotools and sigma are great brushes ^__^ Or you could try bubbi's new collection ^___^ I heard it's pretty good. But do check out reviews :D

  2. How cute! I have always wanted one of her brushes! Thanks for the review! ^^

    1. Hehe, I know right. I love the design ^__^ + you're welcome! Thanks for reading! ^^

  3. What a bummer that it fell off after
    you have washed it! Thanks for the
    review c: Xx

    1. I know, but it's okay now ^^" + you're welcome! ^__^ xx

  4. Absolutely love your blog! The desgin... everything!
    It's a shame it broke off, seemed like such a lovely brush!

    1. Awww, thanks sweetie! ^___^
      Aha, it is indeed a very lovely brush! xx


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