Thursday, 4 July 2013

Malaysia trip - Day 7

Day 7
We had breakfast at a local vintage coffee shop that exists for ages. 
Ordered my favourite egg on toast! ^___^ These are super duper yummy.

Meet my sisters and my lovely cousin! 

My grandparents/aunt/cousin from my dad side decided to visit us. 
We got a few bags of 'chee cheong fun' from my grandparents. I'm not a huge fan of them so I didn't take any pics. HAHA. To be honest, I have never actually kept in touch with my cousin sister since we left. So I'm pretty happy to have meet her again! She's really pretty since she was little and I used to be jealous of her cause she didn't need to wear glasses while I have to stick to my ugly glasses T___T 

Levitating shots we tried cause we have a HUGEEEE open space to do it at out grandparent's house.

After visit of my grandparents/aunt/cousin, we drove off to Black Ball at Green Town! BlackBall is really famous in asia and it is a must to try! You can visit their website for more details. 
'BlackBall signature' 

'BOBA milk tea' and 'Passion fruit Green Tea'

G10, Persiaran Tugu, 
Green Town Avenue, 
30450 Ipoh. 
Business Hours : 11am - 11pm. 

After BlackBall we went to get our train tickets for our KL (Kuala Lumpur) trip and then returned home. 
Cute turtle of my cousin sister-in law and me getting excited. 

For dinner, we went to a old school noodle shop+house. It has existed since before I was even born!
Building on the left is not actually the noodle house, don't worry. I don't actually know the address of the place but it's at the village in Buntong.  

Curry noodles / Soup noodles
You can pick different noodles/soup/stuff you wanna put it like fish ball + what not. Their fish balls has a forever lasting QQ feeling! 

I also ordered their famous barley drink ^__^ 

After dinner, we went to visit my cute twins nephew ! They are actually two of them but I only took a picture of one of them. I'm not very close to them and I tend to mix up between Jayden and Kayden. Yes it's their name ^-^ And I'm not good with kids who cry >.< 

Cousin on the left , Sister on the right. 

We went to visit our niece Andrea again ! This time she's at her daddy's home so we got to meet Didi too ! 
Since she is a little girl, all of our old children clothes were pass on to her ! YAY for eco friendly! Our mom always kept our clothes really tidy so the next generation could use it and those clothes are rare, unique, pretty, really good in quality so it lasts pretty long! 

This was my soldier costume when I had to wear it for my kindergarden production and we had to perform. HAHA!

How cute is this ? It used to be my older sister's.

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★
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  1. Amazing post, the photo's look so fun ^^ Especially the flying ones haha ^^

    Sweet family pic too and the baby dress *0* So cute!!

    Emi x


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