Thursday, 18 July 2013

Malaysia - Day 13

Realised I'm tan during day 13. (。・д・。)

Meet up with Dikson, Chun Sheng, Ivan and abit of Ka jun at Ipoh Parade, Each a cup. Each a cup is another alternative to Chatime. ^__^ 
This sweetie gave me a lovely phone case that I blogged about it here! (○゜ε^○)He's so friendly and nice. ;___; I didn't expect him to get me anything but he was so kind! 

Dikson and Chun Sheng. 
Ivan and Ka Jun. 

I also bumped into Abe! She's so pretty and she was also the prom queen. (゜▽゜;) 
At first when I saw her walking in, she didn't recongnise me but then I was like, hey, it's krystal. And she was like, OHHHHH krystal! This was during the SMC IU day. I didn't know it was their IU day and no one told me! I could have met everyone -.- But no one told me so yeah...  I just met a few that went into Parade. 

Some girl at the entrance's of parade gave me a leaflet in chinese. I had to ask my mum to translate since I didn't know how to read it! LOL! 

After meeting them, I went to Jusco to meet Robinson and Xiaoyu! 
Road shot 6.0

First, I meet up with Robinson and we decided to go Wok Sifu for lunchie! Then Xiaoyu arrived, so happy to meet her ! She's so pretty! ^__^ 
If you ever order this, don't drink the soup, eat it with the bread and then you'll love it. There were more bread compared to the soup and ITLOOKEDDIFFERENTTOTHEMENUHJOISHDNOAIJfkojmsdf. 

Visit her lovely blog!
First time meeting her real life. I'm not really shy at meeting new friends now so I was pretty comfortable with her even though most of the time we don't have much to say.__. She tried to kept everything not awkward for me so it was very nice of her. She's so cuteeee and friendly ! Met her from facebook/friendster ages ago and finally I get to meet her ! Hope to have another chance to meet with her again! ❤

After Wok Sifu we went to take some Puripuka pictures ! (*^ワ^*)Everytime when I see these pictures when I open my purse, I always recall the memories :')  

Almost the same height as her ! Both chubby chubby. HAHA. She didn't expect me to be short, muahaha :P While I took a picture with Robinson, he had to bend down abit to suit us. HAHA. 

Before I left I also quickly went to get my label sticker done! They are so cute! *__* 
But the girl that served me was so rude -__- 

After lunchie, we head of to dinner location. 
Went round "Bulatan Bahagia", "Circle of happiness" which I found amusing. 

We had dinner at Restoran Ayam Tauke/Chicken Beansprout Restaurant. This is at Jelapang. I don't have the address to this but I'm pretty sure this is quite famous. 

Chicken's feet. Chicken's feet is one of my favourite( ̄ー ̄)If you try it you'll love it. 

Cold tea and Kuey Tao Soup.  

Their famous beansprouts is a must try! 

Steamed, soy sauce chicken. 

Road shot 7.0

After dinner, we went home to cut the cake we bought few days ago. It was to celebrate my sister's, cousin's, aunt's birthday! (^▽^) I was still sick with a sore throat so I didn't eat much of the cake which I now regret (¬д¬。)

We used an awesome flower light which you can find from 99p store back in the UK! ;D

Chocolate moist cake from Aunty Tammy's

I also had durian from Aeon ! So delicious ! \(T∇T)/ I only got a pack cause no one likes it apart from me, mum, cousin and aunt. 

Before leaving I went around to tidy up the study room cause I kind of have a OCD, I like everything to be in place before I leave. Even though I rarely tidy up my own room. 
A vintage Pikachu card. 

My master piece I made during my Product Design lesson. LOL. It's basically an ON/OFF buzzer. 

A cute picture from my cousin! 

I started packing and piling up stuff at a corner that's suppose to fit in my suit case.  ;__; I didn't actually manage to give all the presents out cause I couldn't meet some of them but nevertheless I can always meet them in the future when I get another chance to go back and visit ! ^__^ (I was almost over weight so whatever you do bring light/less clothes while travelling if you wanna do huge shopping.)

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★
Thank you for reading! 

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