Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Malaysia - Day 12

Day 12
I'm back to Ipoh! OOTD: High waisted shorts, strip crop top, gold flats, metallic bag.

I am still tired from jet lag @____@ Hence the uneven eyes.

For breakfast !
I had my favourite breakfast 'Chau kok kwai'. (Aha, looks like a cone, I was always amused on how it was wrapped up in) These are quite rare and you can only find them in the morning market, the chef rides a bike with his stuff and cook right from his bike + stall. These are similar to 'kuih' but these are sliced up and fried together with beansprouts, egg and soy sauce. Kuih is a dessert however this is a type of noodles. He wraps it up in banana leaf which smells so so good when you open it up. It taste the best when it's boiling hot! Have a try if you come across this! ^__^ 

Box of stuff 4.0! Okay it's not in the box, but more like the study room box but I'll just include it in the box. This is my DIY pencil box! Basicaly I got a bunch of coloured zippers and arranged them in raindow colour and then I sew them all together to make a pencil box! (= ̄ω ̄=) I used to live with cloth, zippers, threads, buttons, needles, etc cause my mum used to be a seamstress. I didn't have a laptop to myself and internet was rarely used cause it was expensive and we do not have a huge internet life so we just make stuff we can find and I also used to play with paper dolls cause we could make clothes we like instead of buying new ones. (But I did own loads of barbie clothes and a few barbies, who didnt? :P)

I tested out so many markers and most of them I had to throw out while some, I brought them back to my little collection in UK ( ̄∀ ̄)

We went round my aunty's house again and visited Didi again! I successfully took pretty pictures of him. He's so pretty. ❤

And we were also visited by my old tuition teacher. Haha, funny story, she was trying to match make me with John. It was pretty funny. xD She used to teach us when we were younger. And that's how we met, from tuition lessons. HAHA. 
She brought us CurryPUFFFFFFFF o3o 

After lunch, my aunt drove me to Aeon for the first time!! (o⌒.⌒o) I went there to meet John and his cousins, Kunqi and pretty Sofea! Ate dinner with them and I had to share food cause I had a small tummy and everything was such a large portion. LOL! Group photo time!!
With the pretty sofea! (* ̄∇ ̄*) She has such a sweet smile! I didn't have my glasses on and I still couldn't smile properly. ;___; I SWEAR I WAS HAPPY.  

Crazy selca with John before I leave Malaysia. (・`ω´・) 

He also gave me a sweet phone charm which I blogged about it here

  For supper we ate Aunty tammy's  banana royale! It's located near Tambun so if you come across the lovely cafe, you should definately go in and chill with your friends there ^__^ 
Another lovely place to chill is Zakka Loft, I haven't been there but they are very well known for their rainbow cake :3 And also Coffee at 91! My friend, xiaoyu blogged about it and I so want to visit the cafe after reading her post! but I'm back in the UK now :c  

Finally my NEX-F3 has fully charged when I got home from le hang out. 

I have lovely lips but red spotty cheeks due to the hot weather. ;__;

Kind regret that I didn't manage to bring my NEX-F3 to meet up with John so we can take pretty pretty pictures T__T But there is always a next time. 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★
Thanks for reading ! 


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