Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Malaysia - Day 11 (KL day2)

Day 11
OOTD: Dracula t-shirt, high waisted shorts, gold flats 

I found a rather large chalk in my cousin's study room and I was amused by it. HAHA.

Early in the morning it was raining again.

Firstly we went to Station 88 to get my Sony-NEXF3. 
I already made a post here! If you want a in-depth review, you can always leave a comment and I might do one ^__^ 

For breakfast, we had the famous fish noodles. And barley drink again xD I was ill (sore throat) so drinks I can have is pretty much limited -___- 
The portion was fairly large but overall it was pretty yummy ! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Lastly we had some photos with my lovely aunt, uncle and cousin that let us stay round and having them to take us around KL! ^___^ 
At this rate, I cannot smile properly and I was still tired from jet lag -___- 
We had an awesome dinner while it was still raining and they sent us to the train station. 

So this is the end of my KL trip, going back to my lovely home town Ipoh to explore more! 
Bye bye, KL :'c 

Kinda felt bad that we only could stay for two days and I didn't have time to visit my friends that were living/studying in KL. Maybe next time I might stay longer and visit all of them ! ^__^


Train shots 0.1

After 1+ hour of train, my relatives came to pick us up and went to Kopitiam! 
Aunt and cousin.

Cousin and my cousin's girlfriend. She's so pretty! :3

My aunt and uncle. 

And last but not least another one with my lovely aunt that let me borrow her pretty metallic bag (I'm trying to find another similar one atm) to take around and taking care of us and helping us with everything we needed ! ❤

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★
Thanks for reading! 

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