Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Malaysia trip - Day 5 + 6

Day 5
Hang outs bring it on ! Firstly, I just wanted to say, standing outside the school is a very stressful and really really warm thing to do, I was literally sweating so much I think I tanned as well. I made sure I shaved under arm so it's much lesser chance for me to smell bad. LMAO. Deodorant don't always help me during those special occasions. 

Kee, Seow, Me. 
Meet up with my old convent friends ! Studies with them only for 3 years but we were still good friends. Them two are the most friendlist amongst so many, they were so friendly when I asked if they want a picture. All the other girls didn't really moved. I was like awh, okay :c I don't think much of them change over the 4-5 years, I think I changed the most to be frank. I can recognise them so easily while some of them don't even recognise me. LOL! I was like, 'hey, I'm Krystal, recognise me?' HAHAH! 

Kee is a really really friendly girl! Not very close to her but we always keep in touch, I always loved how she play the violin and sometimes I get jealous cause she can learn it so well, and I suck at playing instruments, lmao. And she always have good grades ;o As for seow, we had our ups and downs but eventually we are still good together. I mean, I love the fact I met her and she changed her attitude too ^^

I just dropped down a few gifts and meet up with another gang at Parkson! 

Cheeky Robinson. Not much to say about him just that he's a good bro! 

With Ian. First time meeting him and talking to him actually. He's pretty cute ;) I actually got closer to him after this trip so I can safe to say I can make friends.  

With John! He's super handsome okay. Most people call him handsome. Bf for life ;) Some people still wondered how we can still be good friends and meet up even though we are ex. So for those out there, you can be friends with you ex okay! :P

With pretty wanxin ! One of the person that inspire me to blog. hehe. Finally get to meet her. She's one of the smart one and I always get jealous of . 

After having a heavy lunch with them at kopitiam which the food is just urgh. Too big portion for me, all the guys just stare at me and the wasted food. Aiyoh, how embarrassing .___. Anyway, me and Wanxin went to visit Crystal! 

She's so cute :3 Hope she can be a great mangaka/artist ^^ 
Idk if she's okay with me putting this up but she can always tell me to take this down. 

After visiting her, I just walked around Parkson alone. ALONE, I left like OMGGGG must take care of my bag. I heard lots of bad rumours like people snatching your bag blah blah. Suddenly I spot Robinson. I quickly try to find him! HAHAHA! We walk around and around the mall to find each other. Quite a funny experience, then I just chatted and hang out with him for the next hour cause I have to wait for my sister to finish and for my mum to arrive. I think those hours are the hours I actually got to know him much better. 

After being picked up by my mum, we went to see baby Andrea (my niece, lol) and then we went off to dinner ^^ 
How sweet is she? She always sleeps, like me, haha. 

Day 6
Box of stuff 2.0! Found the old school hello kitty light up necklace and the light blinks. 
These light up necklace / rings / anything really , was really popular during my childhood. 

I also had a search in the study room. 
I found the orange coloured pencil led I used to have. You can actually put them in your mechanical pencil right away, if you made a mistake, just rub it off, works just like the normal pencil lead! ^__^ I don't think these exist anymore cause when I went to popular (le bookstore) I couldn't find them anywhere. I normally don't use these cause these are super special so I just keep them. lol. 

I also found my passport picture when I was in Standard 3 I think so about 9 or 10, AHA, I can't remember. This was actually taken by my uncle. And he's now a very famous wedding/portrait photographer `^_____^ 

Tired face, I stick to my glasses after sleeping late at night and the jet lag. My sore throat stared this day.

Firstly I meet up with Ivan and Chun Sheng and we went to 'Each a Cup'. 

After hanging our with Chun Sheng and Ivan, I went to meet the other gang! ^^ 
Dikson and Wai zai. 

With my grandson Kent! He's so shy the first time. 

Omg, I met a couple that I would like to be friends with but I didn't have my glasses on and I was guessing where they stood. And they had such awkward faces that I was waving at thin air rather than them. LMAO. Okay, it's okay, they will forget about it soon. 

I also meet pretty HoiCheng! She's so pretty and friendly *____* 

Ending off with sweet strawberries given my Aunty Ann! ^_________^ 

I apologise if you are getting bored of my travel post but I do hope to get them over and done with. And sorry for the awkward smiles, I have been smiling so much that I actually forgot how to smile properly while I don't want to smile with my braces so yeah... Sometimes I feel like I'm smiling but I'm actually not when they took the picture, anyway, can't wait to get my braces off! 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


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    1. Thank you so much sweetie ! ^__^ xx
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  5. hey Krystal, Kee here :) It was really nice of you taking trouble to meet us over here too! Sorry, couldn't spend much time with you :( When I'm rich I'll come over to UK ;) hahaha. take care !

    1. Awww that's okay ! I hoped I could stay longer anyway :c It was worth to meet you all :P I will be waiting for you + Take care too ! ^___^


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