Monday, 10 June 2013

Malaysia trip - Day 1 + 2 + 3

Before I lose my memory on what happened during my trip in Malaysia, I better blog about it! hehe. Hope you all don't get too bored of my post. :s Reason I clump together day 1, 2 and 3 is because there isn't much to show.

Day 1 
Reach the airport , check in (which took forever) , waited only around an hour and played with the camera in the airport resting area. 
Airplane food! Pasta + Nasi lemak + Nuts for food. Half the time I was feeling sick so no fun. 

I was sitting next to the wing so all the good view above the sky is all blocked by the wing! T___T Maybe next time we'll choose a better seating. 

We had a 12 hour flight and I was playing with bokeh.

And watch a few films, this was one of my favourite !! It's a japanese movie but I forgot the movie's title -.- And also slept in the airplane, I was so dry and stuffed up and had to go to the toilet to freshen up.

Eat, play games, sleep, eat, watch movies/films, sleep and reached KLIA airport! 

Took the coach back. Omg! Once I stepped out the airport, hot and humid air just blown on my face! >.> When I was at the airport, I see a lot of indians and malay, I was like WHERE IS ALL THE CHINESE ? :c Lmao. Anyway, finally got on the coach, it was more cooling. 

The coach driver was actually talking on the phone while munching on nuts or seeds. idk but it was quite dangerous for me. I was like whksjdfnsaofjasl why ?? :c As we reach the rest stop, once I got off the cooling coach, it was like another world *o* It was so hot and stuffed up. Reached ipoh , and it was night-ish, had supper (glorious noodles/ wa tan hor) and headed home  Unpack the pjs and went off to sleep.  

Simply felt like a big relief and I couldn't believe I am actually back to the place where I had all my childhood memories, and I already planned everything to take lots of photos and cherish them while they are there. 

Day 2
Weather was unbelievably hot !!! 
Spent most of the morning looking back into my box of stuff, and as you can tell, I'm a huge fan of winx club. 
I even drew fan art and it was actually in the magazine. Haha. 

I found my old glasses.
mcd hamtaro! :3 winx club limited edition fan yo! The fan was my life saver when I was in malaysia. I always have to carry it around to cool me down. 

After unpacking/looking around, we head off to town cause mum wanted to go to the dentist.

Then we head of to the pasar pagi place/ic registry place. 
Some awesome alley ways, some how spooky.

Then we head off to visit my aunt + uncle . 
Meet the adorable didi! And found my chair of happiness. (I used to live with my aunt)

And also found my old fridge magnets I made from clay when I had art lessons! (miss them)

 Day 3 
Round two of looking back into my box of stuff!
Found my white doggy which I didn't used even once cause I always carry lots of stuff around me and it wouldn't fit all the stuff in it. But love it cause my dad actually sent this to me from UK when I was little ❤ And also my barbie luggage! ❤ Sadly it's too small for me now :/ I used to carry my barbie in it. 

( I'm special, I have a white horse) 
Throw back photos which were taken in my art classes!

Afternoon reach ! Then I went to parkson to meet pretty Yoko for lunch @ sushi king. Sushi king's noodles are actually, urgh :s Better eat their rice/sushi instead. 
 Then I went to meet Winnie and Que and I received their presents ^^ Kinda awkward :s 

Seem like I have left over time so I meet yoko again and we went for shopping for a bit and went to bubble tea and then puripuka  ! ^-^ Seem like it's a bit awkward at the start but after that it was quite comfortable with her ^^ 

Actually I haven't meet her before. First time, quite nervous >.< I admire her since I met her during form 1/2 on facebook + blogger cause she's so pretty! When I saw her walking towards me in real life she is so so HOTTTTT ! So tall and slim and so skinny!! And her skin is so white and silky! *-* My first impression : HOT GIRL RIGHT THERE. She actually looks the same as her photos, no fake fake :P I'm honestly jealous of her boobs and her skin and her legs. HAHAHA. Anyway, she's so kind and pretty! ❤ Hope to have another meet up with her. Have to treat her next time. 
(I'm not unhappy, I just find it really difficult to smile with my braces without them showing >.<)

Took puripuka photos with her ! She's so adorable!! *_____* First puripuka is with her ^^ 
She deco the photos so much better than me ! *paiseh* I'm an art student somemore >.< 
 Remember to visit her blog ! ;) 

OHHHHHHHH! I also met pretty angel at sasa. She's so adorable in real life! *-*

And that is Day 1 + 2 + 3 ! I may have included a couple of asian accents. 
 (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Looks fun, I'd love to travel to Asia too,Malaysia seems like a wonderful place for a summer holiday ^^ Keep up the travel posts!!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. hehe, it is :3 thanks emi! ^_____^

  2. hey! you have a great blog!
    what do you think following eachother? just let me know :)

    1. Thank you! I'll check out your blog :3

  3. Amazing pics!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!!


    1. Thank you! I'll check out your blog ^^

  4. Aww those are so lovely pictures! I like to travel to Malaysia one day and this kiddo chair looks really cute and funny haha.

    ♥ Maho

    1. hehe, thanks for reading ! ^___^ Hope you do, it's a really interesting place ♥


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