Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stuff haul.

My face have been appearing red patches while I was in Malaysia. Maybe it's cause of the hot weather while I have pale skin :c Oh yeah, I'll blog about my new glasses soon! ^-^

Firstly we got a hotlink sim card for RM10. Annoying sales boy didn't tell us that the sim card costs RM5 then we still have to top up after -.- We had to go into another place to top up. What a hassle.

I went to a art and craft shop to get some rhinestones for my portable charger and a cross stitch iPhone case ^-^ Forgot the rhinestone's prices but they were about RM20+ quite expensive, while the iPhone case costs RM9.90. I was looking around for the cross stitch luck bag kit but they don't sell them anymore. :c 

Then I went to Ipoh Parade, parkson to do some shopping.
Rilakkuma iPhone case - RM9.90. (map)

Frappuccino phone pluggy - RM6.90 (anime shop, forgot what it's called.)

Bunny earings - RM3ish, not sure cause I forgot. (The toppest floor, those random shops near the food court)

3D Nail sticker - RM3.90 (The toppest floor, those random shops near the food court)

Rilakkuma sticker - RM2.50
Keyboard sticker - RM1.90
Shiny star paper - RM1.50
Lucky star paper - RM1.90
(skymax) I kind of have a love hate relationship with this shop, they sell cheap but cute stuff which I don't know, I can't resist not looking at them. 

Rabbit nail clipper - RM1.80
Mini stationery tape - RM1.90
Highlighter - RM 3.50
Star paper - RM0.90 (cheapest place to purchase star paper!)
Notebook - RM1.30
Notebook -RM1.80
Notebook - RM1.90
(MR DIY) love this shop to the max! They sell cheap and affordable stuff. Couldn't resist not grabbing some of the cute stuff like the nail clipper!

How cool and cute are these highlighters?!

Love this nail clipper! So adorable!

Next I went in to POPULAR! My all time favourite shop for stationary. I still regret that I didn't get a card reader T_T Here are the serious stuff I bought.
 Pilot Mechanical pencil - RM15.00
 12 Poster colour - RM12.99
5 individual Poster colour (RM1.30 each) - RM6.50
Pentel - RM13.90
Buncho leads - RM4.35
Pentel eraser - RM2.30
Dark purple Sharpie - RM2.50
Purple Sharpie - RM2.50
Black Sharpie - RM4.00 
Monami erasers pack - RM2.10 

 Love these oil pastels ! These are actually cheaper than the Buncho ones.

Here are the cutesy stuff I bought
Lucky Star Gold/Silver - RM3.80
Rilakkuma pens - RM1.95
Rabbit stickers - RM9.90
Metallic pens - RM3.99

Then I went to Jusco to get my stickers done! ^-^ I used to get them done in tecos (they had a cute boy working there. hehe) But since we have no time to go there we went to Jusco. (Now they call it Aeon but I still call it jusco, the one located opposite DE Garden) 
I think each for RM5 or RM10, not entirely sure. You can find the mini stall near Jusco's foodcourt. There is another one down the stairs near the DVD shop but it's much more expensive but they have better quality colour stickers there.

During our KL trip we went to Mid valley/Gardens to shop and I went into a shop called ART.FRIEND. Love this stationary + craft shop! ^-^ But their stickers sold are pretty and expensive.
(sorry it's abit blurred, still getting used to my new camera)

DMC thread (for my cross stitch) - RM1.80
Sharpie black 3's - RM6.50 
Pilot mechanical pencil (Shaker 0.5) - RM9.90
Pilot mechanical pencil (Shaker 0.7) - RM9.90
Pilot roller ball 'Frixion' 0.7 (Not in the pic cause I missed it out) - RM6.90 
Sharpie Pink pastel - RM2.50
Sharpie Lilac pastel - RM2.50
Sharpie Sky blue pastel - RM2.50  
A4 Transclucent sheet (Not in the pic cause I missed it out) - RM0.70
A4 Glitter sheet (Not in the pic cause I missed it out) - RM1.00

Last but not least, I went into S&J gift shop in Midvalley (I think).
They bubble wrap my bottles safely! ^-^

Paris message bottle - RM4.90
Pills message bottle - RM5.90 
I also bought a kite magnet for the boyf but didn't get to take a picture of it.
Hope you all enjoy my haul. Thank you for reading!
(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

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