Saturday, 25 May 2013

New glasses + Contact lenses !

Hello! Today I'm gonna show you my old/new glasses and contact lens.
I purchased my old glasses from Boots. I got two over the years since my vision changed (again).

Now let's have a look at my new babies!

They came with free lens cleaner which are awesome. I bought them from Eastern Optical, Ipoh.

Side + Front look. 
I am pretty satisfy with this pair after picking and choosing. And they are so light without the lenses on! But abit heavy due to my bad eye sight + heavy lenses. 

I got these 1-Day Acuvue Moist from Boots for about £45ish.
These are the current ones I am using. They are pretty good for me ^^
Do not ever over wear your contacts ! If you have a red eye, quickly take them off !
I never put them on if I'm tired or not awake. Usually I put them on after 10am in college if I want to use contacts.
Usually it's abit difficult for me to pop in my right contacts cause I have astigmatism. xD
Please use branded lenses, unknown brand may cause damage to your eyes. So be careful!

Magic Gold - Monthly 4 lenses (Gold)
Magic LX - Monthly 4 lenses (Aqua Blue)
Bioclear TORIC - Monthly 6 lenses. (Clear) 

Free Sauflon Multipurpose contact lens solution and case.
(kinda squashed box cause I had it in my luggage)

I purchased my lenses from a local optican in Ipoh. (Sinwah Optical) 
The lenses come in plastic thingys alike my dailies, so no to glass bottles and aluminium film. 

Magic gold. (literally gold) So pretty !

Magic LX Aqua blue (shinny light blue with black rims) 
Might do reviews on these lenses once I open them up and use them :3

Total of RM360.
Quite worth it for about £27 for each pack of contacts so about £80ish all together.

Contact lenses case - RM3.90 , RM2.90 , RM4.90 (skymax)

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. i love your new glasses <3 it looks so good on you ~

    there's indeed a lot of things to watch out for when wearing contact lenses, and that scares me . :o haha . that's why i'm afraid of wearing them . xD ^^

    1. Awww, thank you ! ^___^
      hehe, true, that's why I don't dare to buy them online .___.

  2. Ooo fancy equipment *_* I need new lenses but they're just so darn expensive!
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    1. Hehe, that's true!! I avoid wearing my contacts cause they costs so much ;__;
      Awwwgee, thanks ! ^___^

  3. This simplistic yet striking frame style will look great on all face shapes and help in conveying a powerful yet laid-back look.

  4. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


    1. Thanks lovely! ^____^ Sure + Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! :3

  5. They are really soft, much softer than your usual circle lenses, but not so soft to the point where they're flimsy and nearly impossible to insert onto your eye.


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