Friday, 31 May 2013

Key Necklace review

Recently (a month ago) >.<" I bought a cute necklace from miako online store
I was so persuaded from all those reviews from the others blogger and also the free shipping from the store! So I myself, bought something from it. 

Reasonable, safe and simple package. 

Reasonable length and quite long. 

However I was disappointed to find out the necklace DID NOT LOOK THE SAME COMPARED TO THE IMAGE DISPLAYED

The crown wasn't a full crown. The key wasn't 3D shaped key, however just a flat and looks different. Lesser crystals around the heart. The ball bead thingy has lesser chain on it. The chain is a cheaper quality one and it look completely different to the image. The only same thing appeared it the heart diamond and it's silver. 

Overall, I would keep it since it's quite similar but I wouldn't repurchase it for my friend or myself again. 

I did contact the seller however she didn't replied to my message cause I just told her that I wouldn't want a refund since it was relatively cheap when I purchased it and I wouldn't want to send it back cause I would have to pay for it (I'm guessing) but I wouldn't want it to happen again to me or to other buyers. Maybe she got fed up or something after reading my long rant. Aha. 

I think this shop is okay for buying a few items alike the items reviewed before by other bloggers but I don't really recommend buying the same necklace as me, but if you don't mind the different features then I won't stop you since it's quite cheap. 

Hope you find my review helpful! :)

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Thanks for the store review! I'm usually skeptical of buying jewelry in such stores, because they never, ever look the same as the advertisements. T__T Boooo...

    But nevertheless, your necklace is still pretty! n__n Might not be the exact same, but still shinesss~ Yay.

    Follow me on Twitter?

    1. your welcome ! I know, but it's my first time buying any jewelry online. hehe, thank you!! n_n

      follow mine, and I'll follow you ;3

  2. This is so pretty! :)

    Kelly xx

  3. I have the golden one but I think the silver looks a lot better *0*

    1. hehe, you should get both then ^^ ;)
      I think silver is easier to match my clothes for me.


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