Monday, 6 May 2013

17th birthday.

Actually this post in kinda late xD but nevermind. My birthday was on 30th March. 17 this year, one more year to Google ads!!!!! :D I didn't have time to blog about it cause I was being lazy and spent most of my birthday with my boyfie in bed and then I had to work during the evening as well. And then I had to fly off to Malaysia during the 31st. Urgh T_T Nevertheless,  we will get on with the post. Jake baked  me a cute chocolate cake :3 Bless, at the end he said he would never bake again. But hehe, I doubt it >:D 

Heart shape icing sugar ❤ 

OFTB, pjs. dope. 

newlook gift card, ohh ho, boyfriend spoils me. 

Present from older sister and she also left the price sticker on. 

Presents from younger sister. Minecraft drawing :/

Mustache that I used to amuse jake, and I succeeded. Embarrassed but it's okay, he still loves me. Cute earrings. Both from younger sister. Does anyone want to see my earrings collection ? I have quite a few, debating if I should do a post on it or not.

Thank you for the facebook wishes! I didn't actually thank everyone but if you see this, thank you!

Then I flew off to Malaysia and received more presents!  Mainly belated birthday and hello presents.

First present, Etude House Honey and Yogurt Mask from Yoko. Can't wait to share our puripuka pics! ;)

Musical Snow globe from Winne. 

Happy birthday sand pot thingy from Que. 

Phone charm! Uhhh, always wanted one of these! So pretty and blingy. The pink bell is starting to lose it's colour tho :c This was from And. Thank you again! ^-^ 

Presents from Puiyan. Love the phone case! Even though I'm more of a soft pink girl. lol. I like how I can carry my card with my everywhere in the phone case :D And Uhhh those stickers were a killer to me T__T I was like OMGGGGGGGG, No you didn't girl. Okay I was being sarcastic, but thank you again Puiyan! And also for skipping school just to see me, uhh, that will be our secret ;)

Domo from Shenggieku and Ivan. Thank you! :) 
Both were so shy that time -.- 

Iphone case from Dikson! Love this case. I use this most of the time cause I love the matte feeling I get from the black sides. While the back is like a leathery type of texture. Kind of suit my style. Well, it is pretty close, actually you all can tell from my blog layout. hehe. I wonder how he can so understand me ;o 

And last but not least. Present from John! Ya know, remember him? The one that I used to love and rave about. And broke up for uhh, unfortunate reason. Ahhhhhh, memories. Finally get to meet him again! After like 4 years, haha.  

He got me a simple phone charm. Quite difficult to take a photo of cause my name is quite long and it didn't wanna focus the whole phone charm :c 

I am eager to blog about my Malaysia trip so do stay tuned! 
2013 is a good start for me at the moment. Apart from my braces, I still have 6+ months to go. 
(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTAL!! and omg you won qoqo's giveaway! so that should count as a birthday present LOL :D

  2. Thank you ! :D Ahaha , I will be making a post on it once I receive it ^-^


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