Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A few words

Just wanted to do a quick post and rant about what I have been feeling in blogs pot. Okay I don't think this post is gonna end up in a few words but I'm sure you will still continue reading this.

I kind of start to have mixed feelings for my blog now. Making a blog well known takes a lot of effort and commitment. Yet now I'm not very committed. Hahaha, I'm sure you girls can tell from my blog archives. I'm less of a wordy girl but I rant xD

Over the four years of blogging I go past looking at little blogs grow big like and I actually started earlier than wengie yet she gained more followers and popularity than me. .____. And that is cause she keeps posting and keep her readers updated. But as for me, aha, I was too busy maintaining my social, work and study life (excuses for my laziness. Haha) I think I kind of gave up on my social life long time ago since I avoided hang outs .___. (Since it was winter, it was too cold to go out and walk about in the cold wind anyway -.-)

Sometimes I do feel soooooo bad due to my lack of posts but since my exams have ended. I decided to try to keep to a few posts a week (if I have anything to blog about and not just rant on my sad old life which consist a repetition of boredom) Well, at least a post a week just so that my blog would be alive, not that it's dead, it's just not surviving very well.

And I also can't hesitate to express my words for google ads. Google ads doesn't actually take bloggers that are under 18. And since I am still 17. I still have to wait. This is one point that I hate about being a younger blogger compared to other older bloggers out there. And I can't sign up for nuffang either cause its only available to the south east asia areas. .____.

Since I am back from my Malaysia trip and my exams finally ended (urgh, I still haven't finish my portfolio yet T____T) I'm sure I have some stuff to blog about ;) yet I struggle so much cause I'm a major procrastinator.

This blog used to be my ranting place and then it turned into a CSS + HTML help guide (The time I gained quite a number of followers. Thank you!) and then since everyone started copying here and there, other bloggers had more tutorials I kind of gave up and stopped posting tutorials. Actually I started posting them not cause of popularity (it wasnt popular at that time) but it was cause it was so difficult to find a blog with everything you want in it and as I was so free during that time, it was summer holidays I decided why not post it out myself? It's just a couple of codes :) and I also have to thank celestine. (I think that's her name) She was also a blogger that gave up on blogging css codes at this very moment but I was inspired by her to blog about codes in the first place. After I stopped posting codes, I actually decided making icons and banners but that fell into pieces too.

After posting resources, I decided going back to my lifestyle blogging. I then developed my blog into a lifestyle/beauty/DIY blog. This was cause I was inspired by the lovely linda, aka, kari. Now I am sitting here posting a variety stuff like my graphic designs, photography, reviews and lifestyle trips. I also got a new semi pro- Sony NEX-f3 ! ^-^ and I'm loving it to bits! And yes , I will blog about it soon ;)

Another thing I am quite concern about is my blog layout. It is indeed clean cut and easy to be read but I always have a feeling of it lacking something. I may consider change it again cause my blog layout isn't very interesting. I was also thinking of changing my blog URL or my blog name even because it isn't very interesting ._. and 'krystal's memories' is kind of getting old :/ But I'm still thinking about it though. My boyfriend recommended me 'latte babies' but it kind of makes my blog sound like a mother blogging about her baby .____.

Some people think you can't gain from blogging. So most of the time I never mention about my blog because some people think there are not much point to it but I think it's a place that you can make a living out of it. Okay, maybe not by bare blogging but you know what I mean ._.

I don't know if I repeated myself but I usually do so you'll have to excuse that :o Okay, I think that's enough ranting. Cya ltr x

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