Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Beauty haul + Thoughts.

Finally I have the time to sit down and spend some time blogging my Malaysia trip.
I am gonna start off with the beauty haul.

First product I bought right after I landed would be the MAC Limited edition Archie's Girls Blush in Cream Soda.

Once I saw the MAC shop I was like quick get a blush! Since I know MAC are very well known for their blushes. I bought it in the airport for RM86.00. This is actually my second blush (my first one was a Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Rose which I didn't like, which I think I'll most probably write a review about come to think of it.) And I would probably do a review on this MAC one as well. I actually wanted to look around even more but I was running out of time to catch the coach back to Ipoh T_T

I stepped into SASA!

The only critique I have to make is when I go into the shop and the sales girl would go 'welcome to sasaaaa' :c
But all and all , I got a lovely bag and a bunch of free stuff because I spent over RM80+

Looks so less right ? I know I should have spent more money :( 

I got these for free. ;) Eleanor nail enamel, Oatmeal mask sheet, Honey mask sheet and a Intensive Sparkling White eye mask. 

Eleanor nail enamel , ENP034. Originally, RM6.90. Love the colour but it is actually darker than what it looks like when I used it. It's not exactly pastel blue but it is light blue. And it's made from France. Love it! Thick consistency and it didn't chip much compared to my Barry M ones. While these are actually much cheaper :/ 

These were RM4.90 each. But they did a promotion, 4 for RM 10. I got the four different mask which are the Anti-oxidant regenerating, Aqua Boost Moisturizing  Intensive Sparkling White and Detoxifying Anti Puffiness Smoothing Eye Mask. These are all made from Korea. 

My Beauty Diary Mask, All in one limited edition for RM59.90
(Recommend for mask addicts!)

Time balm anti wrinkle concealer
RM55 , Discounted 10% : RM45.00 (YAY! for Angel SG. She is so so so cute in real life! Didn't actually hope to meet her but I did! She is one of a loveliest person. So envy her cute voice eventhough she's so much older than me, haha.)

Maybelline mineral concealer in shade 01. for RM15.90
This is actually my last purchase from sasa, I was debating wheater I should just move on or pick this up, but obviously I was a bargainist, I still picked it up as it was on offer. This is said to be a dupe of a shuemura one. I personally am not sure but I have read reviews about it.

K-Palette, Real lasting Eyeliner. RM47.90

Luminous 09. lower false eyelashes. RM39.90

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow 01 BROWN. RM78.90

Black Liquid eyeliner for RM55.90 
Black Pencil eyeliner : RM45.90 Brown Pencil eyeliner : RM45.90

As you all know KOJI/Dolly Wink's product are best of quality. I think most of you have already heard lots and lots of reviews about it so it's not much for me to say about until I come to reviewing them but I don't think I will need to. xD Unless I find a flaw. For me, the price is offordable. About £10+ or the eyeliner. All products below £20 which is normally my price range while purchacing my products. I kind of given up buying cheap brands and looking like a panda. T__T I bought my Loreal eyeliner for about £10 and the colour on the tip is starting to wear off but other parts of the eyeliner is still working with full ink and I find it soooooooooo annoying.

Next I stepped in to watsons. A cheaper place to purchase makeup compared to sasa. I would recommend but you only can get them in store and not much Japanese/Korean makeup is available compared to sasa.

 I spent about £30 on this, I don't think I can get this much product in UK. xD

Strawberry Blackhead bye bye set. RM47.99 
Comes with serum and the stuff. It is almost the same as the sexy look one but I'm not entirely sure.
Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Eye Masks. Comes in 2 pairs for RM9.90
Also featured in yokolambert.blogspot

Za Ever Brows 02 Cocoa Brown. Forgot the price cause I lost the reciept but in my memory it was about RM10+. Quite cheap and I also heard a few good things about it.

Kate three tipped eyeliner. I was looking for this at sasa but they always run out of them where ever I go. I also forgot this price but it wasn't cheap (in my memory) This is also featured in Xiaxue's facebook AGESSSSSSSS ago, but I only now got the chance to try it.

Last Kate product is the Kate slim create powder for Cover. A bronzer and a highlighter. A perfect product and this was what I was looking all around for. Forgot the prince on this one as well. (Fail) I can't find these kind of product or even dupes. It's a matte powder which is also rare to find as most bronzer has a slight shimmer to it.
I had difficulty taking this out of the box cause the sticker was stuck between the box and the product. I had to carefully use a craft knife to cut off the sticker while worrying that it might scratch the product's surface but gladly it didn't :D

damn stickers :c 

RM5.90 Sexy look firming mask 
RM5.90 Sexy look brightening mask
Heard about sexy look mask and I finally found their masks lying on watson's shelves.

Sexy Look Hello Kitty Mask. RM19.90 I bought this in Ipoh Parade/Parkson, SKYMAX. 

Lastly on my second week in Ipoh, I went to Aeon (Pengkalan) and I spent RM8.90 for face roller. RM4.90 for the DONO Super Stick.

Since I have to much facial hair and I might probably give up on my nair shaving cream during some awful weeks I started trying the Super Stick which is also used by bubz, but not sure if it's the same brand.

Hope you enjoyed my haul.

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A few words

Just wanted to do a quick post and rant about what I have been feeling in blogs pot. Okay I don't think this post is gonna end up in a few words but I'm sure you will still continue reading this.

I kind of start to have mixed feelings for my blog now. Making a blog well known takes a lot of effort and commitment. Yet now I'm not very committed. Hahaha, I'm sure you girls can tell from my blog archives. I'm less of a wordy girl but I rant xD

Over the four years of blogging I go past looking at little blogs grow big like www.wengie.com and www.karimew.com. I actually started earlier than wengie yet she gained more followers and popularity than me. .____. And that is cause she keeps posting and keep her readers updated. But as for me, aha, I was too busy maintaining my social, work and study life (excuses for my laziness. Haha) I think I kind of gave up on my social life long time ago since I avoided hang outs .___. (Since it was winter, it was too cold to go out and walk about in the cold wind anyway -.-)

Sometimes I do feel soooooo bad due to my lack of posts but since my exams have ended. I decided to try to keep to a few posts a week (if I have anything to blog about and not just rant on my sad old life which consist a repetition of boredom) Well, at least a post a week just so that my blog would be alive, not that it's dead, it's just not surviving very well.

And I also can't hesitate to express my words for google ads. Google ads doesn't actually take bloggers that are under 18. And since I am still 17. I still have to wait. This is one point that I hate about being a younger blogger compared to other older bloggers out there. And I can't sign up for nuffang either cause its only available to the south east asia areas. .____.

Since I am back from my Malaysia trip and my exams finally ended (urgh, I still haven't finish my portfolio yet T____T) I'm sure I have some stuff to blog about ;) yet I struggle so much cause I'm a major procrastinator.

This blog used to be my ranting place and then it turned into a CSS + HTML help guide (The time I gained quite a number of followers. Thank you!) and then since everyone started copying here and there, other bloggers had more tutorials I kind of gave up and stopped posting tutorials. Actually I started posting them not cause of popularity (it wasnt popular at that time) but it was cause it was so difficult to find a blog with everything you want in it and as I was so free during that time, it was summer holidays I decided why not post it out myself? It's just a couple of codes :) and I also have to thank celestine. (I think that's her name) She was also a blogger that gave up on blogging css codes at this very moment but I was inspired by her to blog about codes in the first place. After I stopped posting codes, I actually decided making icons and banners but that fell into pieces too.

After posting resources, I decided going back to my lifestyle blogging. I then developed my blog into a lifestyle/beauty/DIY blog. This was cause I was inspired by the lovely linda, aka, kari. Now I am sitting here posting a variety stuff like my graphic designs, photography, reviews and lifestyle trips. I also got a new semi pro- Sony NEX-f3 ! ^-^ and I'm loving it to bits! And yes , I will blog about it soon ;)

Another thing I am quite concern about is my blog layout. It is indeed clean cut and easy to be read but I always have a feeling of it lacking something. I may consider change it again cause my blog layout isn't very interesting. I was also thinking of changing my blog URL or my blog name even because it isn't very interesting ._. and 'krystal's memories' is kind of getting old :/ But I'm still thinking about it though. My boyfriend recommended me 'latte babies' but it kind of makes my blog sound like a mother blogging about her baby .____.

Some people think you can't gain from blogging. So most of the time I never mention about my blog because some people think there are not much point to it but I think it's a place that you can make a living out of it. Okay, maybe not by bare blogging but you know what I mean ._.

I don't know if I repeated myself but I usually do so you'll have to excuse that :o Okay, I think that's enough ranting. Cya ltr x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pretty pretty shoes!

Shoe haul today! I am going to start of with my current favourite. 
There are my black sneaker wedge.  They look absolutely so so so cute when I first layed my eyes on them in Debenhams in Chelmsford. They were on the Christmas sale so as you can probably guess this post was suppose to be posted up ages ago but I just didn't have the time write it up. They costs about £50. They do look not-so-attractive on the image above but in real life they are gorgeous *-* A great match for the rocker punk look! I had quite a few people staring at them when I paired it with my black shorts and tights. ;) More of a winter type kinda shoe ;o

As for comfort, they are very comfy when you wear it for the first time but as I am more of a comfort shoe kind of person, I couldn't adapt into wearing these everyday. They gave me aches on my feet so now, I only occasionally wear them so my feet would hurt as much. (or maybe I'm not used to wearing heels unlike those super models T_T) 
These were actually shoes that I was looking at for my prom and since my prom is over, I am going to blog it for other peeps. I went to Colchester,Mr shoes to get my prom shoes. My actual prom dress was black and crystals on the top, I blogged my prom, you can have a look here
After looking around and about I purchased the white GAMBLE Platform Court Shoes which costs £29.99. It was actually more expensive than my prom dress, HAHAHA. They are sparkly and pretty which was so gorgeous. 
The looks I would rate it ★★★★★ For the comfort I'll have to give it ★★☆☆☆
They didn't give me as blisters for the night, however I did have to place some ____ underneath so that I could walk in them. They were fairly high while these are actually my first pair of heels and they ache my feet so much :c These are definitely a no no on the dance floor. But overall I am satisfied with these shoes because they were fairly high and they look so pretty! Only that I could barely walk in them, lol. 

Another two shoes which I loved but I didn't purchase. Firstly, it was diamond gold sparkly black platform shoes. These were so pretty when I saw them in store but they didn't have my size so I just left them there. 
The other shoe is the STARSPANGLED American Flag Platform Shoes. These were so popular last year! I really loved it aesthetically but when I tried them on I couldn't barely walk in them. HAHA. Anyway I don't really regret not buying them cause they probably might be too tall and I probably wear them once and leave them aside to stare at them anyway. HAHA.  

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★