Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Gift haul.

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Finally it's March. The month that I love cause I get pressies :3 But this year for a  change I am actually giving away little goodies for anyone who see me around town in Malaysia. You can stop me and say hi! and you might get one of these goodies ;3 ( if I did carry any of them around me on that day, if not you can get a free hug! ) Gifts bought actually wasn't that expensive as most of them were picked up during the Christmas sale. 

26 Items ! ^-^

MAKEUP- Beauty
STUDIO - Nail it, STUDIO - Pretty natural, Maybelline rocket mascara, Extracts lipbalm, Mickey and minnie lipbalm, H&M eye shadow, Butterfly eye shadow palette  17 Eye and lip trio, Embellish 3D caviar nail art, Nail wraps, MUA light pink furry nails

Peace necklace, Aries bracelet

Stationary + what not
Cupcake keycap, Dessert stickers, Bear sticker, Alphabet trinket , Shoe keyring, Furry pencil case, Panda art pen eraser, Polkadot high lighter, Charmmology

Wonka Gobstopper, Wonka Runts, Malt Easter Mini bunnies, Easter mini chocolate bunny

I really doubt I would actually meet a lot of my old friends and give them gift but ya know, I just noticed like few weeks ago, like, why the hell did I spend so much ._. Soon I will probably blog about my trip back to Malaysia. I had a difficult time deciding what to bring and who + when meet to meet. Urgh, and I have exams coming as well which I have actually been working on. I have been focusing on photography much more than graphics (as usual). Therefore bringing up my photography grade much more higher compared to my graphics which I feel a bit bad about :( I just left my web design course behind cause it's just a drag since everyone in the lesson doesn't really want to do much work -_______- 

I'll probably have to suck it up. And also update more on my blog since I have been neglecting it, but weirdly I keep getting new followers once in a while which I do appreciate very much! ^-^ (I'll probably rant about my college life but that's not the point) 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. Aww how nice of you! Are you planning to wrap them up?

  2. Heehe . Nahh maybe not cause I'm not sure who I'm gonna meet , :P

  3. luckyyyy ;O banner swap? ;D

  4. hehe ;) sure, added your banner :3

  5. oh wow! nice cool stuffs you got!

    from Myxilog with love <3

  6. omg the luminous ones are gorgeous :)

  7. Lady_Myx : Thnak you! :3
    PANDA-AGENDA : Hehe, I think so too, just bought a pair of lower lashes to pair it up with ^-^


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