Friday, 29 March 2013

Falsies review.

Hello pretty girlies ! ^-^ Today I'm gonna do a review on two false eyelashes that I won in giveaway hosted by other bloggers. 

EYELASH (008) - Giveaway from back in 2012
There are quite a lot in a box and I reuse my falsies as well so it's pretty good ^^. 
I do need trimming for these lashes but most lashes need trimming done when first purchased to fit individual eyes. However on the down side, there are no lash glue provided so you will have to purchase your own lash glue.

Overall I do like this falsies because it gives me a natural looking eyelash and it's quite easy to apply on as a newbie. It gives me volume, length and makes my eyes appear larger which is great! ^-^ 

Luminous Change False Eyelashes 05 - Natural Volume Eye - Giveaway from back in 2012
Firstly I had doubt on these lashes. They are self-adhesive and I have a thing for self-adhesive. I do own a pair myself and I really hate them. While for these, their self-adhesive glue also do not work for me. As a newbie myself, I tend to glue my lashes in the wrong place and I keep reposition it. As I reposition the lash, the lash glue loses it's stickyness after 1-2 tries due to eyeshadow and eyeliner, therefore, leading me to use my own purchased lash glue. However, they do look very pretty when I had them on my eyes. 

Another down side is that I do not own any lower falsies so they look a bit dramatic by themselves. I personally think it would work better with a pair of lower lashes to complete the gyaru style look. 

Left - EYELASH (008) 
Right - Luminous Change False Eyelashes 05 

This is one of my favourite piece. + I used the Luminous Change False Eyelashes so as you can tell these eyelashes look great if you wanna have photoshoots! ❤ 
I kind of failed because the left falsie didn't wanna behave and it was really droppy so therefore I mostly used side shot poses .__. 

 (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. so cute =)
    the first lashes looks nice~

  2. the lashes look really nice and natural on your eyes:)

    Townhouse Palette

  3. Hi, I love your blog, do you want to follow each other ?

  4. ❥anyajang★ : Thank you! ^-^
    Laila R. : Thank you :D
    Seg Blondel : Thank you! ^-^ Sure, if you follow me :)


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