Sunday, 10 February 2013

Iphone cases.

As you know from my instagram I got an iPhone 4S.
And what do iPhone users can't resist ? Obviously iPhone cases ! So here are my current collection of iPhone cases. There's not much since my mother always moan at me for buying iPhone cases.

Hello Kitty Silicon Case Cover (Hard case) -ebay
I am not sure if they are soft ones or not. I purchased this off ebay and it was pretty cheap about £2.00 under and it also came with a screen guard and a pack of button sticker which I found really cute! ^^
The case kept coming off when I wanted to lock and unlock my phone so I rarely use this case :c 

Wings design hard case (Hard case) -ebay
I bought this case off ebay for £0.99. I have been hunting down this case and eventually I got found it in ebay. It came with a screen protector too which was a bargain. This is one of my favourite case! ^^ but cause I always charge my phone on my dock (which I will do a review on it soon cause I just found the pictures) I find it a hassle to take it off and on everyday so I moved on to my pink case.

Also available in black , light pink , hot pink , light blue (* ̄∇ ̄*) 
I bought a black version for my friend and he loves it too. 

Chocolate case (Soft case) -poundland
I bought this off poundland when I was just looking around. It's a cute case but I don't really like to use soft case so I just left this case alone. It's also a hassle when I wanna put it in my pocket when I go off to work. *Poor case* but I really love the design since it matches my white iPhone furthermore I only got it for £1

Clear hard silicon case -WH Smith - £2.99
Purple  hard silicon case -WH Smith - £2.99
It was on last year's Christmas sale so I got it for a pretty cheap price ^^ hence I got it from WH Smith. I love both of these cases but the side is a bit annoying cause it was originally for a iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 buttons are a bit lower. It's made of silicon so it protects the phone if I drop it so it's pretty good but the only critique is that it's kind of translucent for the clear case which is kinda annoying :c 

Cross stitch case -Accessorize
Originally £12.00 but I got it for only £3.60. I haven't actually used this case and I haven't actually opened it yet. But I can say this case is really cute. Maybe if I have the time I might start some cross stitch on it and start to use it. The pack also includes strings and needles. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Sweet Heart Case Cover -ebay
Currently my favourite case at the moment and for only £0.99. I bought a extra one so maybe I might give it away or something ._. Anyway, it's a pretty cute case and it fits on my dock perfectly without having me to take the case off the phone. But it's pretty plasticy and fragile so it doesn't really protects the case. 

Also available in black, white, yellow,  green, hot pink, blue. 

As you can tell I always aim for cheap and pretty cases but maybe next time I might get something more expensive to protect my phone better or maybe I might stick to aesthetically pleasing ones. 
(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. i love the wing hardcase.. it's absolutely cute.. <3

  2. Nice collection of cases! I love the hello kitty one & the sweet heart case! ^^ Sometimes... cute cases are mostly impractical haha. My rilakkuma case is super bulky which makes it impossible to fit in my pocket! xD

  3. I really liked the hello kitty case:)


    Townhouse Palette

  4. I forgot to say HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR:)


  5. @ glory : hehe me too ^^ <3
    @ Kin : ahah thank you :3 I know :c they are most often carried around in a bag or you'll just have to hold it >.<
    @ Laila : Me too :3 + Happy lunar new year to you too ^^

  6. I'm really jealous of iPhone users because they can buy such adorable cases. Your chocolate + sweet heart case are sooo cute! Lovely blog btw.

  7. All of them are so cheap! I often ended up buying the expensive and unprotective one -.-

  8. Really cute iphone cases.


  9. I'm the same as you! I keep buying cases, for the longest time, I only had one case and then I started buying more...and more and more.

    I love the Sweet Heart Case! I would've gotten it in mint, love that colour.

  10. Lovely cases ^-^ I want an Iphone too!

  11. its really awesome how many diverse and colourful phone cases there are outside! i totally cant wait to discover all of them in Asia :)

  12. @ Maho : Hehe, I was too until I got my iphone ^-^ Thank you xx You too :3
    @ Tqa London : Ikr, Awwww, maybe hunt them on ebay and in store as well and then compare them ? :3
    @ Sakuranko : thank you! ^^ xx
    @ Noor Unnahar : thank you :3
    @ Richelle : Hehe, high5 ! :D Me too ! :3 I was debating wether if I should buy the blue or mint >.<
    @ Neeyd : Thank you :3 Hehe, should get one but the battery doesn't lasts long tho :c
    @ Connie : Yupp + me too! but I live in the UK so it's kinda difficult to get cute pretty cases.

  13. Cute cases :) x


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