Sunday, 10 February 2013

Iphone cases.

As you know from my instagram I got an iPhone 4S.
And what do iPhone users can't resist ? Obviously iPhone cases ! So here are my current collection of iPhone cases. There's not much since my mother always moan at me for buying iPhone cases.

Hello Kitty Silicon Case Cover (Hard case) -ebay
I am not sure if they are soft ones or not. I purchased this off ebay and it was pretty cheap about £2.00 under and it also came with a screen guard and a pack of button sticker which I found really cute! ^^
The case kept coming off when I wanted to lock and unlock my phone so I rarely use this case :c 

Wings design hard case (Hard case) -ebay
I bought this case off ebay for £0.99. I have been hunting down this case and eventually I got found it in ebay. It came with a screen protector too which was a bargain. This is one of my favourite case! ^^ but cause I always charge my phone on my dock (which I will do a review on it soon cause I just found the pictures) I find it a hassle to take it off and on everyday so I moved on to my pink case.

Also available in black , light pink , hot pink , light blue (* ̄∇ ̄*) 
I bought a black version for my friend and he loves it too. 

Chocolate case (Soft case) -poundland
I bought this off poundland when I was just looking around. It's a cute case but I don't really like to use soft case so I just left this case alone. It's also a hassle when I wanna put it in my pocket when I go off to work. *Poor case* but I really love the design since it matches my white iPhone furthermore I only got it for £1

Clear hard silicon case -WH Smith - £2.99
Purple  hard silicon case -WH Smith - £2.99
It was on last year's Christmas sale so I got it for a pretty cheap price ^^ hence I got it from WH Smith. I love both of these cases but the side is a bit annoying cause it was originally for a iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 buttons are a bit lower. It's made of silicon so it protects the phone if I drop it so it's pretty good but the only critique is that it's kind of translucent for the clear case which is kinda annoying :c 

Cross stitch case -Accessorize
Originally £12.00 but I got it for only £3.60. I haven't actually used this case and I haven't actually opened it yet. But I can say this case is really cute. Maybe if I have the time I might start some cross stitch on it and start to use it. The pack also includes strings and needles. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Sweet Heart Case Cover -ebay
Currently my favourite case at the moment and for only £0.99. I bought a extra one so maybe I might give it away or something ._. Anyway, it's a pretty cute case and it fits on my dock perfectly without having me to take the case off the phone. But it's pretty plasticy and fragile so it doesn't really protects the case. 

Also available in black, white, yellow,  green, hot pink, blue. 

As you can tell I always aim for cheap and pretty cases but maybe next time I might get something more expensive to protect my phone better or maybe I might stick to aesthetically pleasing ones. 
(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New years haul.

YAYY for shopping haul. + my trip to london with my sister. We were planning to get the train back but my uncle + aunt came over so we just switched places so we could have a a free ride from my cousin and I saved up from there ^^

During the 31st we met up with my uncle, aunt and cousin in wing yip shopping center (it's basically a asian super market) Ate dimsum over there and then we do the switch over shizzle when we got to our cousin's house in london. But before we left I hunt for a bit in the horoscope/star sign shop that's in the super market and I bought a pen and a pack of star wrappings cause I was running out anyway and it's really rare to get them in the countryside.

Hello kitty pen £2.00. Forgot about the price for the star wraps.

Okay, lets move on to DAY ONE of our journey. 1st January 2013.
Day one, we went to Tate, National Portrait gallery and china town. We traveled by the train + tube using out lovely oysters.

Love this book but I didn't buy it. 

Panorama from Tate balcony. 

In Tate, I bought a Post card sketchbook for £3.50
I also bought a pink paint brush pen for £2.75 but I gave it to my sister.
Before I left I looked at the sales and I finally I bought a 'I ❤ DRAWING badge' after looking around for ages. I forgot about the price but it was on sale so quick, go grab it!

Had starbucks for lunch. 

In Portrait Gallery, I bought 3 Postcards - 70p for each postcard so total of £2.10 for three
National Portrait Gallery Badge for £0.60
The Art of iPhoneography for £9.99

After walking around gallery, we decided to walk to china town rather than taking the tube cause it's quicker and cheaper anyway + after shopping, we randomly found m&m world but I didn't get anything from there tho + we walked around and found tokyotoyz, it's basically a place full of anime stuff *-*

Pretty cakes. 

M&M world.


Panorama view in M&M world.

After visiting M&M world, we met up with our cousin to have dinner in a asian restaurant.

Love the sago dessert :3 

In chinatown, I bought Rilakkuma Ball Key Ring £2.60. Sticker £2.00. Rilakkuma pen £1.99. Cat plugy £3.99. Totoro plugy. Totoro card sticker. I forgot how much the totoro stuff. 

In TokyoToyz, I bought Injection pen which I forgot the price. Sailor Moon keychain £6.50. Kingdom hearts necklace £8.00. And I also got a present for Jake but I think I'll keep that a secret for now. Muahaha. All stuff purchased from tokyo toyz's store. They have so many cute and adorable stuff *-* (includes international shipping) 


We went to china town first to get some stuff. And I got a bubble tea during my journey. I didn't know why I got a cold one since it was freezing cold outside, didn't finish it tho cause there was too much ;c

OOTD (love my fleece leggings ^-^ + my boyfriend loves it too.) + Somerset house

Outside of Tim Walker exhibition + inside the art shop next to the east wing

Skating ring at the entrance of somerset house. 

We left somerset house and then we went to covent garden and then to Westfield. 
We came across accessorize in covent garden. There were lots of sale and there was a 70% off on the cross stitch case which I love! and I have been spotting on it for a long time o(≧▽≦)o Now it only costs me £3.60 which was an absolute bargain. 
And then I went into paperchase to look at the sales there. Most of the stuff there were christmas themed so I got some sale stickers which are absolutely adorable (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Candy kingdom stickers from covent garden -50p 
And I also bought cute postcard for my boyfie but I'm not gonna reveal them since it's a surprise for him and I know he reads my blog. 

Glow cat stickers from westfield (^◕ω◕^) -50p 

We went YO!Sushi to have lunch :3 

Primark Black and white singlet. Both for £4.00. Cause I was running out.

Primark Purple stretchy top I bought for chilly days cause I love purple ^^ for £3.50
 a pink stripy jumper for the winter weather/ breton crew neck top for £8.00
It was mainly a rush buy when I was in primark cause I only had like 30 mins to look around cause I had to rush for the train (((;゜Д゜)) but at the end we had time left anyway.

Loved the David and Goliath shop ヽ(;▽;)ノ  So many cute stuff but they were abit pricey for my liking so I just bought Day old sushi Sticker sheets for £1.50 and a cute 'i ❤ neards' D&G pen for £2.50
 Here are their website

I got a lift back home from my cousin for dinner. And that is the end of our journey.

Here is all the stuff I bought :3  TOTAL OF £97.29 spent during two days of new years. There are also other expenses for food and etc but lets just skip that cause that'll be £100+. aha. 
Didn't regret buying all these stuff cause I love all these stuff to bits eventhough I wouldn't use it during a daily basis. HAHAH. They are too pretty to be used like the ring my boyfie bought for me. I just kept it and wear it sometimes during the rainy days. I have spent quite a lot in this trip but I think this is the only trip that I have spent that much. aha. But overall, it was a great day but my legs were so tired (-ω-`)


National potrait gallery - £2.70 
National potrait gallery bookshop - £9.99 
Tate - £6.25 
TokyoToyz - £31.50 
(forgot how much I spent in china town. aha.)


Paperchase/covent garden - £3.25
Accessorize/covent garden - £3.60 

Paperchase/westfield - 50p 
YoSUSHI - £20
Siesta Clothing (David and Goliath) - £4.00 
Primark - £15.50 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★