Monday, 21 January 2013

Xmas 2012

Feeling guilty of not updating my blog for like a month now :c So I am back to blog about my Christmas last year. Here are the prezzies received :3 

Uh yeah, I didn't get any photos after the presents were unwrapped but I got a few make up stuff + chocolate which I am pretty happy with ^^ and boyfriend + his mum got me loads for chocolate + hello kitty stuff (lol, his mum loves to pamper me with stuff) and he got me a pretty ring which I thought was very sweet of him. It was so shiny and pretty, I don't wear it as often as my other ring cause I usually drop my ring on the floor so I decided to wear it during special occasions :3 

Me and jake ^^ We both look tired cause we both didn't really get much sleep before the day I took the bus to go round his. Aha, promised to get the 7 bus but I ended up waking up half 8 cause I was kind of really tired cause I was being a poo and didn't wanna get to bed earlier. Kind of felt bad but at least I didn't wake up 12 in the afternoon like I usually do during the holidays. 

And I also went to the usual steamboat at my work place and it was pretty fun cause this year we have jess's little baby rico. He's so cuteee. 

And here are a few random shots I took when I was bored and I was trying out my sister's new macro lens. 

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★


  1. i love christmas!! :)
    im following you, pls follow my blog too if u dont mind... thankyouu...

  2. great post! those macro lens make photos look so much better!


  3. great post! those macro lens make photos look so much better!


  4. Kin @ thank you! :3
    M&L @ thank you + I think so too ^^


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