Monday, 10 December 2012

A little rant.

I came across a blog, and he wrote about his life on the blogging society. I find it quite interesting on how he started blogging. He actually started like me. Copy and pasting codes, trying to look like other blogger that he find inspiring/lovely. And lesson learnt as usual and then he ends up in a individual space with his own individual style.

And for me, I started in a small little blog that was inspired by my friend. She was actually considered my best friend at that time and we still are really good friends till now. Just that we don't talk as often than we used to due to college and my laziness obviously.

She was different, she had limited time to spend on her blog. However, for me, I was studying in UK and when you study in the UK + when you're in year 8/9, you will get a lot of spare time to do basically anything you want.

So I turned out learning codes and stuff but I didn't do it in CSS cause at that time I was more of a pyzam girl than a blogskins girl. I started my blog tutorial with HMTL/XHTML in this blog and I started gaining followers which I was obviously very happy about but the thing is, other bloggers starts to make their own blog tutorials. And this is mainly why I moved all my tutorials to a new blog which is justanothertutorial . I started to make blog tutorials which wasn't really trending as much but as I started, it grew and grew make it a very similar thing and people just stopped getting as interested as they used to be cause basically they can search for any tutorial they want now. And at that time, most blog that I visited are mainly girls whom blogged in chinese. >.< Which I am kinda ashamed, I barely can read much. I can read some, just not a lot. HAHA. Anyway it was a lot of fun making friends and gaining blog followers by sharing similar interest. And that is how I gained a handful of blog followers.

And then the 'follow me, I'll follow you back' thingy was trending while as a girly girl I am, I also followed. HAHAH. But I never unfollow them cause majority of them deleted the blog since the blogmosphere dissapeared a few months back which was kind sad. And that was the time I slowly stopped blogging as much as I used to.

And there was once someone told me I stole and copy. I already did a rant. It was my own blogskin, but I didn't design it however I wasn't claiming I designed it or anything so it doesn't really matter cause I use it for personal reasons and I'm fine with tweaking it around unless the main designer really desperately want their name on my blog which I find annoying sometimes :/ that's why now I use a pop-up box if I ever need to add the designer on. Well , I get how people feel , it's like when people uses my chatbox background (I was (and still am) a huge graphics fan so I took advantage of learning how to code chatbox backgrounds and I started posting up my own designs of chatboxes and some of them did turned out quite popular)

I really find hardworking bloggers really inspiring because they always keep their blog up to date with stuff while they manage to cope with their studies which I find pretty impressive! >.<

Well, this is my part of ranting. I'll try to update as often as possible and try to mean what I actually say. HAHA. And I need to reply people in my chatbox. Yes, I do read them but I have no time to reply to them at the moment cause I'm busy work work and also college work :/ and I get so stressed out that I constantly rant about my worries to my boyfriend. Talking about my boyfriend, he's awksome. He spends most of his time with me which I find really really sweet and adorable. One day I tired avoiding him for half a day cause apparently I am taking away his social life so I would rather give him some space to help him gain his popularity back in this own little group. I stood out, stared at him, he looked back and walked straight out the classroom and gave me a hug. HAHAHA. I think that was the only time I felt he was the only person in that moment, it's like everything is blanked away. Okay okay it's really cheesy but it's the only way I can put it. And I also am trying my best to not put all my time on him while focus more on other stuff ;) At the mean time, you all just have to wait for a bit .

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

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