Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bubbi brushes.

I ordered a set of basic bubbi brushes off bubzbeauty's website like a couple of months ago right before prom night.

They come in really cute pouch bag thingy. And they included a little note as well which was pretty cute.

I love the multi retractable ^-^ however the red bit of the brush is slowly losing it's colour as I wash it a couple of times. NUUUUUUU  \(´∀`)
But it's really handy when it comes to travelling. 

NOW only £29.99

1x Powder Brush (includes brush guard)
1x Multi Retractable Brush 
1x Dual Cover Brush  (includes brush guard for the larger cover brush)
1x Dual Eyes Brush 
1x Angled Liner Brush 

Overall I love love love these brushes and I use them most of the time.  (≧ω≦) (I clean them every week if I get round using them) They are soft and steady so they are pretty good but not as soft compared to ecotools. But it's pretty good in quality hence it had to be posted from Hong Kong . Compared to the ecotools they are quite similar but not completely the same as brush sizes are different and they feel different however works really similar. 

Lastly , I just want to point out that  Dual Eyes Brush and  Dual Cover Brush do not work really well with the brush guard that I brought from which I was really disappointed cause I kinda brought a load of them and thought they might come in handy when I want to wash my brushes. But my Dual Eyes Brush and  Dual Cover Brush always got caught by the holes of the brush guard and they end up damaging the brush instead of helping them. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ So I might be giving them away sooner or later. 

That's all for today ^^, I know I have been lacking posts and my stats have been going down. lol, who cares? but I was really busy with college and stuff. Okay that was a lie, I was lazy. Jokes no, I have been busy with college + part time work .___. I have no idea how can this be bearable for my colleague..

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT time☆★

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