BBQ at friends.


My mum's friend did a gathering thing where they gather round and have BBQ. I though the little kids would be the one more involved but they were the first one to run away. lol.
It was a great evening. Well, every evening is good as long I have yummy food to eat. 

And before going off for BBQ I went to new look to have a look at stuff. 
I was planning to buy those american flag earrings and now their on offer, still wondering if I should get them for my friend or not :c 

And I need a new layout, I need to start coding.. I think I might do that during christmas.. hopefully if I get all my college work done. Urgh, I am still catching up on stuff since I missed some of my lessons due to dentist and appointments. I guess that's about it. I'll probally blog about stuff that's more current soon when I get rid of these drafts eventually. 

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT time☆★ 

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