Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jess and Danny's wedding. 

Hello lovely viewers ! ❤ As you can tell from the title above I am going to blog about Jess and Danny's wedding that was held during the 22nd August 2012. It's actually the first british-styled wedding that I have been to. 

2 hours ride in the car from Sudbury to Nottingham. ( ̄ε ̄) I had my lovely contacts on so I looked extra pretty. HAHAHA. Okay cut the jokes. 

The lovely entrance to the venue. 

They served glasses of orange juice during the beginning of the day and they were lush.  (^ω^)

A couple of the views of the venue. It was held in a golf club hence the golf venue/scene. 

The pretty bride and dashing bridegroom's arrival. Most of the people had cameras and their phones out. 

Here is sansan, geegee and nathan. They all looked really lovely on that day!  (≧▽≦) 

With my sister. I look so tired some how.. 

And another one. Aha, we love taking photos in toilets. 

OOTD. Black + Gold dress. Clutch I got from No7 ages ago. Cardigan from newlook. Nude wedges from NEXT, £25. I LOVE THOSE WEDGES. Obviously they felt more comfy than my prom shoes however their not as comfy as I expected they would be.

Pictures explain it all. 

The cutleries were so pretty! 

They had really nice confetti all over the tables and they also had a couple of disposable camera on each table that people can take photos. They also had little pouches of custom coloured M&M's and they had their names and the date of their wedding on it. Such a smart idea! (〃・o・〃) 

Lovely smile for the bride!  ( ̄▽ ̄)
The bridegroom and the bride. 

Me and the bride, Jess!  (/≧▽≦/) She's so pretty! ❤
Sister, Jess and me. 

Here comes the FOOD! (/≧▽≦)/~┴┴ 

Starter : Minestrone & Pancetta soup, I LOVE THIS STARTER! I ate most of it before I even got to take photos of it.
Main course : Pimento Stuffed Chicken Breast served with desired veg, and if you're my really old reader, I LOVE POTATOES. 

Grilled Salmon Hollandaise. This was what my mum ordered I think. It had a pretty presentation. 

Bowl of roasted potatoes. 

Lastly, DESSERT. White Chocolate & Raspberry cheesecake. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE! It wasn't too sweet, it was just right and made me wanted more but there wasn't any D: Even though I'm not a 'cheesecake fan'. 

I had braces a day before the wedding so I had limited choices of food to eat from. HAHA. yes, so sad but ah well, it will pay off at the end. 

The wedding cake look so pretty! ❤ and they had lovely lights in the bathroom too. LOL. 

My family with Jess, the bride. 

Finally the exit. Overall it was a pretty good day! ^-^ 

Ohhh  and their wedding invitation was really pretty as well! (≧◇≦) 

We went shopping in Nottingham after the wedding since we haven't actually been to Nottingham before. (^ω^) Changed my clothes to casual clothing. Since it was in the summer, it was okay to wear shorts. 

I saw these awesome t-shirts (;ω;) They were all so cute ! (*ω* ) but then it was too expensive so I got something else off the sale bit. Hehe. Most of the shops there were starting to close so we only had a limited shops to walk in to which kinda sucks but ah well, better than nothing. :c 

We only walked for an hour or so since we were all tired and headed home. 

I like drinking out of a straw so I came up with this awesome idea when I was at the stops. HAHA. Say hello to my mocha. The man added too much coffee so it was so bitter for my liking that I had to add more sugar in it. Yeah I'm indeed so picky with my mocha. 

I guess this is the end. So yeah! Have a good day. Will be updating more since I'm currently on my half term. 

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT time☆★  

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

BBQ at friends.

My mum's friend did a gathering thing where they gather round and have BBQ. I though the little kids would be the one more involved but they were the first one to run away. lol.
It was a great evening. Well, every evening is good as long I have yummy food to eat. 

And before going off for BBQ I went to new look to have a look at stuff. 
I was planning to buy those american flag earrings and now their on offer, still wondering if I should get them for my friend or not :c 

And I need a new layout, I need to start coding.. I think I might do that during christmas.. hopefully if I get all my college work done. Urgh, I am still catching up on stuff since I missed some of my lessons due to dentist and appointments. I guess that's about it. I'll probally blog about stuff that's more current soon when I get rid of these drafts eventually. 

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT time☆★ 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bubbi brushes.

I ordered a set of basic bubbi brushes off bubzbeauty's website like a couple of months ago right before prom night.

They come in really cute pouch bag thingy. And they included a little note as well which was pretty cute.

I love the multi retractable ^-^ however the red bit of the brush is slowly losing it's colour as I wash it a couple of times. NUUUUUUU  \(´∀`)
But it's really handy when it comes to travelling. 

NOW only £29.99

1x Powder Brush (includes brush guard)
1x Multi Retractable Brush 
1x Dual Cover Brush  (includes brush guard for the larger cover brush)
1x Dual Eyes Brush 
1x Angled Liner Brush 

Overall I love love love these brushes and I use them most of the time.  (≧ω≦) (I clean them every week if I get round using them) They are soft and steady so they are pretty good but not as soft compared to ecotools. But it's pretty good in quality hence it had to be posted from Hong Kong . Compared to the ecotools they are quite similar but not completely the same as brush sizes are different and they feel different however works really similar. 

Lastly , I just want to point out that  Dual Eyes Brush and  Dual Cover Brush do not work really well with the brush guard that I brought from which I was really disappointed cause I kinda brought a load of them and thought they might come in handy when I want to wash my brushes. But my Dual Eyes Brush and  Dual Cover Brush always got caught by the holes of the brush guard and they end up damaging the brush instead of helping them. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ So I might be giving them away sooner or later. 

That's all for today ^^, I know I have been lacking posts and my stats have been going down. lol, who cares? but I was really busy with college and stuff. Okay that was a lie, I was lazy. Jokes no, I have been busy with college + part time work .___. I have no idea how can this be bearable for my colleague..

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT time☆★